Monday, August 25, 2008

One of Those Moments

Adam is my little angel. He's also a little crazy. He's a little grumpy. He's very persistent. He's a leader. He's one of the reason's I smile everyday, and today was no different.

Tonight I wasn't home, when Andy put Adam to bed. I ran out to get some last minute supplies for playgroup, this week. When I got home, Adam was waiting for me. Not wanting to sleep. Crying. And, in his words, "sad because you (I) were in your car."

AKA- "I am a momma's boy and I need you to put me to bed!"

I'm ok with this scenario.

So, I take him into bed, allow him to take two books to bed with him, "tuck,tuck" him in, kiss him on the forehead and attempt to walk away from him, when I hear:

A: "Mommy, mommy, moooommmmy," in a very faint and sweet voice.

Me: "Yes, love?"

A: "Mommy, daddy didn't pray with me. Pray please?"

Me: "Ok, what do you want to pray about?"

A: "Poison Ivy!" (Adam and daddy both have poison ivy. Adam's is MUCH less worse than daddy's, but he's still itchy and not feeling well from it- but really, this is another story!!)

Me: "Ok."

So we pray about the poison ivy, we pray for our playdate with Kayla tomorrow, we prayed for Mommy, Daddy, and Matthew; we prayed for the nice weather and thanked God for the beautiful blue sky, and then we prayed for a smooth week, and no wet underwear! (It was a long prayer, I know)

A: "Thank you, Mommy. I love you."

AND then it happened, the moment. He looked so sweet, so angelic, so pure. He opened his eyes, his wide green eyes, and looked straight into my eyes. We held our gaze, for what seemed like hours, and I felt a bond with my son that I have never felt before.

I broke the gaze, by saying:

Me: "Adam, you mean the world to me. I am so glad you're my little boy."

Adam: "I like living with you too, mommy... I'll see kayla tomorrow, right?"
Moment broken.

Me: "Yes, Bubba. G'night"

A: "G'night, sleep tight!"

I love those moments. I could see right into the soul of my son. His sweet tenderness, his innocence, it was all there just wanting and waiting for me to consume it. And, I did. All of it!


My Goodness said...

Oh my sweet is that?!?!

Mmmm...those are the moments I wish would last forever!!!

Kathryn said...

Oh my. What an absolutely precious moment. So glad you wrote it all down so that you never forget it. Just so sweet!!!

Sassy said...

Those are the moments that choke me up and then my children say something like "I tooted", in the middle of my sentiments....
Oh, Motherhood!

Arizaphale said...

*oh* (sharp intake of breath)
Brittany, that was beautiful. The love you feel for your little boy is tangible. I can feel!
The Small Boy always asks me to say prayers with him, even though he's not from a churched family. It's kind of an honour.

Stacy said...

Oh, how unbelievable sweet! I love those moments, too. :)

Elaine A. said...

So sweet... I love how he said he liked living with you. What a little darling. I try to cherish these moments with my boys too.

UDMom729 said...

My eyes watered...I hope you can take some strength from beautiful moments like that to sustain you through all the yucky health stuff and stress you are dealing with. I'm looking forward to conversations like that with Evan!

Blueberry said...


my experiences are similar to sassy's.... i'm all gushing with love then a toot or a belch or a "smell my stinky feet!" interrupts the moment! (you'd think she was a boy for goodness sake!! ha ha!)

Tranny Head said...

BWAHAHAHA - I'm so with you on those fantastic moments that suddenly disappear ... usually when my son tries to rip my hair out or bite me ... or all of the above.

But damnit they sure are fantastic, aren't they?

Fire Hunt said...

That was a good post!

Christina said...

Oh goodness, that is just precious. I know exactly how you felt at that moment...heart 5x too big for your chest. Sweet.

Amy said...

LOVE moments like that!

Lilith Silvermane said...

Thanks for making me cry AGAIN... :)


Golightly said...

What a wonderful moment and prayer! (And no farts or toots!) That's what happens in this house too.