Tuesday, August 26, 2008

a Legal Adult

So, in just a few days my not so little sister (who is sitting here in my clothes, and doing my work for playgroup tomorrow...tee hee) turns 18. Yes, legal. 18. I know you've all read about how much I love this kid: like she's my own.
So, on Friday night we had a Bday dinner for her at a yummy Italian restaurant and all of her closets friends were there. We had a wonderful dinner, and it was actually really fun to hang out with "teenagers" again. I tell ya, I'm still one at heart. I laughed and joked as much as they did (ok, maybe more... and maybe I sounded dumb doing it, but I don't care!).

We've also been frequenting visits with the "love" interest from the summer's trip. Remember how I joked about her meeting her future spouse? uh huh. Joke no more. Joooke noooo more.

He can be seen in the photos below. I am sure you will all know which young man is the suitor.

Anyway... here are some photos from the night! :) Just a few. Oh... and of Emily stealing a Mustang. She really tried to get in the car. It was hilarious. sigh.

Happy 18th, Ashley
! I love you forever. (Now please go home; you've been here for over a week. :) )


Kathryn said...

They make such a cute couple!

Happy Birthday, lil sis!

Fire Hunt said...

Tell her we said happy b-day!

My Goodness said...

OH my goodness...aren't they cute!?!?

Happy Birthday to Ashley...do NOT steal cars, young lady! hee!

Stacy said...

What a sweet sister post. My sister is coming to visit in just 2 weeks & I am dying to see her :)

Blueberry said...

happy birthday ashley!!
and don't leave, brittany would be so bored without you around! ;) he he!

oh! and emily, no! don't steal that car! they have security cameras in the parking lot!!! ;) ha ha ha ha!

jessicamarie12 said...

AHH! He's SO cute! Good for her!! When are they going to start making babies??? :)

Christina said...

Happy birthday, Ashley!!!! I love it that you two are best friends. So big sister Brittany approves of The Boy??? :o)

Pastor Ryan said...

Um... not ALL of her closest friends were there... :)

Elaine A. said...

Um well... there's only one guy in the pics! tee hee!

They are cute and so are you with your sis! Happy Birhthday to her!

Ashley said...

Wow. lol that's about all i can say lol. good thing paul doesn't have the internet so he can't see this lol. he still does not know that u all are planning our wedding haha.

thanks britt! i love u too! and u knoooow u miss me already! =]

thanks everyone for the birthday wishes!

yes...we are cute hahhaha

Amy said...

So fun! You really make me wish I had a sister!