Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Update 2

Sigh. Matt has spent the last hour screaming...again! He is in pain! I know he is. I just don't know where?!?! I went and got ear numbing drops, and put them in both ears. I gave him more Tylenol. He's now just acting cranky. Not screaming. GAH! Pray for us! :)


On a good note. We went to this party supply store and I found stuff for Matt's 1st Birthday!!! I know. I know. I am insane. But seriously... where else besides Nashville am I going to find COWBOY (it will be a cowboy/farm animal party) birthday supplies? uh huh. Unfortunately, they didn't have plates with Brad Paisley's head on them, but I did find some cute things. :) Yee-haw!


Piggly Wiggly- hard to findey Windey, so I skippied-wippied (I am coining this phrase, people.) on it. That's when Matt started his screaming, so I figured it was a sign.


Oh, and the last fun of the evening. I have filled up the ice bucket FOUR times, because some little turkey keeps dumping the ice bucket ALL over the floor. Once it was even dumped in the hallway. sigh. I didn't yell at him either. I am impressed with myself.

I wonder how high my blood pressure is right now?


krissy said...

So, an obsession with supermarkets. That's whack girl. I hate, hate, hate grocery shopping. Hate it.

I am so sorry that little guy is still hurting. Why?? That's what sucks is you don't know why?? Poor baby.

More prayers for a pain free baby are coming your way.

Blueberry said...

poor matthew! :(


Maggie said...

Poor Matthew - and poor family too!

I hope he is feeling better soon. I wish I had some great solution for something to make him feel better, but I'm fresh out of ideas. Fat lot of good that nursing degree is doing now, isn't it?

However, if you think he might have a tummy ache, benadryl is an EXCELLENT anti-nausea medicine. And the fact that it helps with the sleeping is just a bonus.

Christina said...

Ack. That just sucks, you can't catch a break. but, I bet you could find cowboy party supplies galore here in TX too! I've just never looked. ;o)

Fire Hunt said...

Poor mommy and Matthew:(

jennwa said...

I hope Matthew feels beter.

Super Kristen said...

Let me know if you ever need Cowboy party supplies again. LOL

Hope Matthew feels better :(