Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Just a Few Things

Mid-Week Wrap:

1) Matt had his pre-op appointment yesterday, for his clogged tear duct. GOOD NEWS! There's nothing else wrong with his eye. They said he sees very well, and there is no damage to the cornea or the duct itself. Here's what the obstruction looks like:

So, on June 17th they are going to unlcog his little nasolacrimal duct! Apparently they are going to NOT put him under, but use a numbing drop instead. Hopefully that works, because I do not want my baby to have to have anesthesia!

2) Matthew is a food dumpster. I know I've told you all before about how much this child eats, but seriously... he's an endless, bottomless, PIT! He's eaten FOUR eggs, this morning (scrambled) and a handful of cheerios. What will my life be like when he's a teenager? Looks like I better start stashing money for groceries.

3) We leave for South Carolina in 2 days! YAY! :)

4) Matthew just said "more" because he wants my toast. I told you... bottomless pit.

5) My little sisters and I are going to see THE FOLD tonight! :) Go check 'em out. They rock. (Dawn do you like them??)

6) I gave in. Matthew is eating some of my toast. I mean, I don't want him to starve.

7) The last time I went to Charleston, this is what Adam looked like (he was 5 months old). Who woulda thought that the next time I went, I would be bringing TWO kids!?!:

This was taken the morning I left, for Charleston. I was having a really hard time leaving my baby!! :( (Amy, look at who he's holding!!)

8) I am off to run errands..... have a wonderful rest of the week, my friends! :)


Blueberry said...

adam was younger than matthew is now- that's the thing that gets me. i remember you talking about going to charleston (the first time)like it was yesterday.... clearly it was not! ;)
have a super time!!!

(sprouty gets a bunch of shots today. and we'll get to see how big mommy's big boy really is!!)

Kathryn said...

All three of my boys eat like that. Joey eats more for lunch than I eat all day! I know I should be grateful they are such good eaters (and I am), but my grocery bill is insane! I am seriously worried about how it will be when they get older.

Tranny Head said...

I had to start giving Sumo more lunch yesterday because as everybody can see, he's clearly starving to death. He was scarfing down his food and then lobbying for more. He eats: 1 Yo Baby for breakfast + some cereal, 3 Step 2 baby foods for lunch, half an avocado or some other fruit/veggie for a snack, 2 Step 2 baby foods for dinner + some cold cuts (turkey, chicken, etc.) and lately some cheese. *sigh*

Also, Charleston is fabulous. It also happens to be my home town ;-)

My Goodness said...

Great news about Matt's eye!! Yay!!

I am WITH YOU on the food dumpster! Evan never stops eating! Five minutes after dinner, he's saying that he's hungry. Oh the teenage years. I've been telling people that I will have to rent a billboard on the highway, plaster his picture up there and ask for grocery donations!! :)

We're going to NORTH Carolina in four days...yippie!

Have a great trip!!

Tranny Head said...

Yes, I got the crab float at Target:

It was a lot cheaper than this at Target, though. And don't forget to get the air pump - trust me, you don't want to blow that thing up with your mouth.

And I think your baby will fit much better in it than my baby does. I love Crabzilla.

Fire Hunt said...

Gavin eats like that. Must be in the family:)

4 Little Men & Twins said...

OH my... our boys eat SO MUCH. It's really insane. People look at me funny at the grocery store when I have so many bananas and cereal and beans. Ha!

Love the picture... he is so cute. They grow up too fast.

have a great trip!

Maggie said...

Have a great time...and it goes without saying but TAKE LOTS OF PICTURES!

Dawn said...

OOh, have fun at the Fold show! I have not heard their stuff but if you like them, I probably would too! :) I'll have to check them out.

Sara said...

I hope the surgery goes well! I'll be praying for you all. Hope you enjoy your visit.

BAD said...

Sorry to hear about the tear duct problem.

How do you get him to eat Drew is a picky eater(don't know where he gets it from)and hates certain textures and spit them out if he finds them as you sneak them into other things. Have a great trip.

Elaine A. said...

Yeah, don't let that kid starve. I can't believe you don't feed him! HA!

Awww, look at cutie little baby Matthew. Hope all goes well with the unclogging of the duct! : )

Christina said...

The poor kid is obviouslt wasting away. You've got to start feeding him. N's the same way - she eats ALL DAY LONG.
Yay that Matt doens't have to be put under for the little procedure!

Stacy said...

So glad to hear he won't be put under. Good news! I wish my kids ate, but certain things I guess they do eat. They love anything dairy pretty much. :)

I love Charleston, too. I've been there a few times and it is pretty little town.

Amy Moffett said...

Wow I was just looking back at these and just now realized thats Adam! Guess I didn't really read it before. At first I thought Matthew had just stolen stinky!