Friday, February 1, 2008

Weekly Wrap

1) Buzzlightyear has taken over our house. "To infinity and beyond!"

2) I have a NEW CELL!! :) yay!!! It's nothing fancy, because we can buy "new" phones in September and I didn't want to waste the money now, when I'd have to spend it again in a few months. will do and it works...and I can text! yay!! :) So... if I had your number before, I will need it again... email it to me please :) (Blueberry, my friend...that means you. haha)

3) Coffee has been good to me this week. :)

4) It's been a boring week, I fear I have very little to offer you.

5) LOST started back last night, and shall I say I am very pumped about this! Here are my thoughts:

1) Why was the sound all screwed up? This did not add to the suspense of the show- it was annoying....very annoying.

2) People from both "sides" (jack and locke's) made it off the island. What is that about?

3) WHO are the other three who made it off the island?

4) Sawyer is cute. that is all. :) (Don't worry, I think Andy thinks so too....)

6) Seriously, if I tell Andy I think a certain male is attractive, he will share his ideas, as well. Is that weird? hahaha. He thinks David Boreanaz is "hot". Seriously, his words. haha. We have an odd relationship, I know.

Ok, that's enough from me today! I get to spend my weekend with my nose in text books and coffee... possibly a movie with my hubby tomorrow, we shall see. Today, we go to Walmart! Yay!

Happy Weekend, Friends!

I leave you with a photo of some of my favorite people.


Kathryn said...

Yep. Coffee has been a must for me this week.
Have a great weekend!

elenaberenice said...


jennwa said...

I do not watch lost but I keep hearing how great it is, I guess I have to check it out.
Have a good weekend.

Kellan said...

Hi Brittany - I am just as "lost" on LOST! I guess that's how they keep us watching - never know what the heck is going on. I loved it though and can't wait for next week - yes ... SAWYER is back in my bedroom - WOO HOO (that's where my TV is). See you later - have a great weekend. Kellan

Anonymous said...

Oohh, sounds like a great week!!

Christina said...

Andy's got good taste - I think David Boreanas is hot too!!

Sarah said...

Nothing much has happened in my life either this week. New camera and phone and that's about all. Coffee is always good to me... anyways, have a great weekend! =)

Jen said...

I'm not a lost fan (never watched it) so the last half of this was LOST on me. Har har I'm funny. :)

Buzz Lightyear has been reincarnated at my house this week too. How funny.

kim said...

I wasn't as pumped about Lost this time around, I think it's because there was so much time between seasons. We still watched it, though.

Darrin said...

I think Sawyer, Ben, and Desmond will be the other three to leave the island. Don't ask me why I think Ben will be one of the "Oceanic 6".. just a gut feeling.