Monday, February 25, 2008

No Good Dirty Ol' Day

I'm having ONE of THOSE days.... You know what I'm talking about. Those days where nothing seems to be going my way? Here's why....

1) Took Andy to work, for him to leave on his trip. Had to get the boys up at 5:45 and get Andy to work by 7:00 (we live 45 minutes from downtown). sigh.

2) Andy left.

3) Adam cried for about 15 minutes, because he realized he wouldn't see daddy all week.

4) We stopped and got bagels, on the way home. That was good!

5) Got home, Matthew wanted to sleep (thank the LORD!). This was 8:30ish.

6) Adam followed around 10:00 am.

7) Matthew woke up at 10:15am. GRR! I was going to rest myself.

8) Matthew and I played, until 11:30, when he was ready to crash again. He did! YAY!

9) I worked out. (woo)

10) Adam woke up at 12:15.

11) Matthew woke up at 1:00.

12) We left the house. Went and ran errands.

13) Adam asked if daddy was home. No, still no daddy.

14) We went to the mall, to keep our minds off daddy. (only spent $2.99, thank you. Darn Disney store!!)

15) Adam asked AGAIN about daddy. sigh. No daddy.

16) Andy called frantic about some CD that was missing, and that he feared was at home. I was not at home to look.

17) Adam asked if daddy was calling from home. AH! NO!

18) Andy called again... needs CD asap... Needs me to go home.

19) Adam ASKS AGAIN!

20) Mommy starts crying. a lot.

21) I didn't go home. I went to my mommy's.

22) Andy called again. Someone would be by the house at 8:30 to pick up CD. Good.

23) We leave, to come home, and Adam asks if daddy is home. (I really wanted to cry, but I didn't)- "No little man, daddy is not home! We don't get to see him until Friday. I'm sorry!" Adam cries. Oh man.

24) We get home.

25) THREE messages on the answering machine of a frantic woman... who... has.... OUR.... DOG!!! WHAT? Sadie is gone? ALL day? AHH!!

26) Call lady. Apparently she only lives three or four doors down, and indeed she has Sadie. I have no idea how she got out.

27) Matthew is tired, by this point, and hysterical. Adam is "hungry." and I want to cry- again. I didn't cry.

28) We get home, again. Matthew goes to bed. Sadie gets fed. Adam gets popcorn. Mommy wants a entire cheesecake.

29) Time for Adam's bed (it's 8:00).

30) Adam gets out of bed twice- once while mommy is peeing.

31) Many knocks on door (8:10- not 8:30) to get CD.... mommy is in mid-pee, Adam is climbing out of bed, and I almost forget to put my pants up before opening the front door. Thank God, I remembered that vital step.

32) Adam hangs on my leg, Sadie tries to eat man at door, and I've forgotten where I put the CD.
33) Man leaves. Adam is threatened, and put back to bed... Mommy finishes pee....

34) Mommy blogs. SIGH

Are you as tired as I AM?!


My Goodness said...

Sorry you have to endure a week with your hubby...I completely understand how you feel!!!

Keep busy and get out of the house when you can...that's what I do.

Kathryn said...

Oh yuck. That is a bad day. I hope you get a wonderful nights rest and have a much better day tomorrow. :)

Fire Hunt said...

I feel for you, I have had days like that. Hope tomorrow is a lot better.

Blueberry and the Bean said...

believe it or not i believe i've had a day very similar to that!! ;) ahhhhhh!

it will get better, it always does! hugs!!
see you wednesday!

Maggie said...

Oh no! At least today is over -- hopefully tomorrow will be better. And it will be one day closer to Friday!

And, can I just say, I am TOTALLY amazed that your kids can go all afternoon with no nap! That is impressive!

4 Little Men said...

oh yeah.... THOSE DAYS. So glad Sadie was just at a neighbors and not picked up by the city.

bummer about hubby being gone all week. Hopefully you'll enjoy your alone time and the kids will be extra good. :)

see you later


kim said...

Oh, Brittany!! I'm so sorry you had such a rough day. Hopefully after a good night's sleep - for all of you - everyone will have a better day tomorrow.

Elaine A. said...

I've had a couple of days like this! UHG! I hope your week gets better.

If you're up for it, I have tagged you for a little meme so come on over when you get a chance!

Jen said...

Aw man! I hate days like that. I hope tomorrow is better for you.

tricki_nicki said...

Oh boy! That was a doozy if I've ever heard one! Sorry girl, hope tomorrow's way better!

Stacy said... about a bummer day! You definitley deserve a whole cheescake! I hope tomorrow is a better day!

Amy said...

A day in the life...
Hope it gets better girl! My man is gone for the next two weeks, AGH!
Hey I used to have a dog named Sadie!

My Life With Boys said...

I have too many of 'those' days. Frankly, my day yesterday wasn't all that great either- must be something in the air. Just wait until you have 'three' gets even more fun...! Having hubby gone is never,ever,ever fun! I hope today goes better for you! =)Take care!

jennwa said...

Sorry you had such a yucky day, maybe that is worst for the week. The rest will be better hopefully.

Law Student Hot Mama said...

I am DEFINITELY as tired as you are . . . welcome to single parenting!!! :-)

Beth said...

Yesterday sounds like it was horrible. Hopefully today is going a little better!

Hang in there...Friday will be here soon enough!

Christina said...

You need a great big giant hug!!! I'm sorry for your rotten day. That's the pits, having Andy away so much.
But I love your ending. "mommy blogs." Isn't that the way it always ends?!

Arizaphale said...

Oh that WAS a crap day. Poor you. Glad you're feeling more cheerful.

Lakinaya said...

thats horrible..ofcoz.

and...Im busy almost everyday for my hyperactive little boy..until my voice been recognised within my house area when i shout to my boy... oh boy!