Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hanging by a Moment

This has been a week of just hanging on. It's been overwhelming, it's been a learning experience, and it's been challenging. It's also been amazing. I've been reminded of how short life is. I've been reminded of how blessed I am to have my children. I've spent the rest of this week, since we got home on Monday, giving breathing treatments 4 times a day, making sure Matthew doesn't "over do it," and just holding my boys. I was reminded this past weekend that just because I was blessed with these boys, they are not really mine. If God decides that my time as their mommy is done.... well, you know.... I'm not sure it's even something I can say. I am praising God. I am praising Him for allowing me more time. I am praising Him for blessing my life with beautiful and wonderful children! I've hugged, loved, kissed and enjoyed my boys this week, more than ever! 

Matty is doing pretty well. He's still on many meds and is still having wheezing moments, but overall is much better! We go to an allergist, next week, to help determine his "triggers" so that we don't end up in the ICU ever again! He still is weak, pale, and has to take it easy. We haven't really left the house this week, because he can't be out in the cold air, until his lungs are stronger. And trust me-- I can tell we haven't been out! ah! ;) 

I sent out a prayer request to my Bible Study girls, this week, and I thought I'd post it here, too. If you think about Matty, at all, please pray these for him and our family: 

1) That Matty will continue to heal. He has had a lot of various "drugs" pumped into him over the last week, and they are really bringing up the mucous and make him not feel so well. He needs to keep eating, because he lost 2 lbs in the ordeal (and as many of you know, he's already VERY small for his age).

2) That Andy and I will make the right decisions, concerning his treatments.

3) That the allergist (we will be seeing one next week) will be able to determine his triggers, so that we won't have to visit ICU anymore!

4) That Adam will understand and be patient with with his little brother. Right now, Adam is a little jealous that Matty is getting all of this attention, because he is too young to really understand what Matt is going through. I pray that Adam will know how much we love him and that he is JUST as important as Matty.

5) That I will continue to have peace in my heart, and that I will be able to effectively and quickly make the changes needed in our home.

6) That we can find a new home for our pets. Sadly, they are carriers of dander and can bring in allergens from outside. Therefore we need to find them new homes. :( (We have a small dog, Sadie: a mix and a cat, Sami: black, lovable, and has been in our family for 8 years)

7) Lastly, that Andy and I can stay strong together through all of this, and that we see God's glory and Love through the whole situation. 

Hug your babies! I'm hugging mine tighter than I ever have before! :) 


jessicamarie12 said...

I loved what you said about the boys not really being "yours" and if God wanted it to be time, it would have been out of your hands. It upsets me when I see so many people lose faith because "what kind of God would do that."

On a lighter (kind of) note... OH NO, SADIE!!! Gosh I love that little dog :( I wish I had a back yard because I'd take her!

Arizaphale said...

Can't you wait and see what the trigger are before you get rid of the animals?????? How upsetting. Still, if it will keep Matty healthy. The BA and I will certainly add your prayers to our list.

Kat said...

OH my word I have missed so many posts. I'm sorry.
Prayers for your whole family. :)