Thursday, April 24, 2008

Weekly Wrap

I am sitting here on my exercise bike, calming down after running errands, going to school to turn in/buy new books, meeting with my group, doing homework, bathing kids, doing laundry, doing dishes, briefly loving on my hubby, and doing my other cardio workout. I am exhausted. EXHAUSTED. Do I really do this much everyday? Am I really this busy all of the time? Yes. Yes, I am. I know I bring it on myself... but ugh. I need a vacation. YAY for Amy's wedding in ONE MONTH!! Not only am I B E Y O N D happy about seeing my best friend get married, but I am THRILLED to see the beautiful ocean and beach again. I cannot WAIT! I cannot wait to put Ohio behind me and to have the time of my life, for one week!!

Oh yes- this weekend:

1) AMY's SHOWER!! :) and the bachelorette party :) (Oh, the goodies we have in store for you, Miss Amy)

2) A huge project due monday (1/4 of my grade! EEK!)

3) and... I think that's all. I really think that's all have time for!

Oh yes, and here's my son playing with one of Daddy's airsoft guns... Oh yes, much against my likings.... sigh. He aims amazingly well. And he knows not to shoot it at people (or animals!). My son is gunna be a hunnnter. ha ha ha

Anyhoo- happy weekend ALL! :) Pictures will abound on Monday, of this weekend's festivities! :)


Law Student Hot Mama said...

That sounds crazy!

Wait, you mean you are looking forward to leaving Ohio for a few days?!? ;-) Hehehe - sorry, I couldn't resist the dig at poor old Ohio.

And good for you for getting on your exercise bike! I, on the other hand, am sitting here like a beached whale having just consumed a piece of cake!

Elaine A. said...

Oooh, I can't wait to hear all the juicy details of the bachelorette party!

Adam is even cute weilding a weapon - Ha! ; )

My Goodness said...

I LOVE going to the beach...jealous! Have fun this weekend...even though you have a project due!

Arizaphale said...

Whaddaya mean you feel tired reading MY posts!!!!?????? You are on a runaway treadmill girl :-) But at least you got time to love on your hubby. Very important not to let that stuff slip in the mundane trudge of life. Sounds like this wedding is going to be a)wonderful for your friend and all who attend and b) a great way to 'get away' for a few days.
Looking forward to Bachelorette photos. We call 'em Hen's Nights here.

Kathryn said...

I'm exhausted just reading this. Sheesh! You DO need a vacation!

I'm stealing your Weekly Wrap idea for this Friday. :)

Kellan said...

Little Billy loves those guns - has several of them! Have a good weekend Brittany - see ya - Kellan

4 Little Men said...

He's so cute! This time of year seems so busy to me.

I have a box full of boys clothes for you... still... we really need to get together. Let's meet next week... REALLY!!!! :)


Fire Hunt said...

I LOVE going to the beach. I am so so so jealous!

Our Family said...

HOW best friend is getting married in Oct :) So I can totally relate to the excitement you are feeling.

Also, I do or guess I should say did disapprove of the gun thing as well, but let's give it up...BOYS WILL BE BOYS...and if they don't have guns believe me ANYTHING can become a weapon!!!

Hope you and Amy had a blast this weekend...Have a terrific busy week :)

Maggie said...

I so know that feeling! Minus the fun upcoming wedding. :) But I can't wait to see pictures from this weekend!

Christina said...

LOL, the airsoft gun in the hands of a toddler is sadly familiar.