Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Nashville, TN **EDITED**

**Edited at the End**

So.... Hubby goes to Nashville, on Sunday. Here's the kicker. I *COULD* go if I wanted to. Classes are over Monday (for two weeks! yay!) and we could technically go down on Tuesday and stay with him until Friday. I'm thinking about it. The only thing is I will be alone ALL day, with two kids, in a place we don't know. It's a 6 hour trip, from here (not too bad). I could use a break. The kids could use a break. Hmmmm.... What to do... What to do.... Anyone live near there? Give me an excuse to come... c'mon. ha ha. Advice. Give me advice!

**just to clarify. I've already looked into things to do. There's the zoo, the art museum, a really cool kids science center, mall...etc. etc. I wouldn't just sit around all day! I would definitely site see and do things!! :) It just kind of saddens me that I wouldn't be doing it with Andy and that I'd be alone. BUT at the same time, I know I could teach Adam some new things about a different place... and test run a car trip. South Carolina is 6 more hours than this, so it would be a nice thing to see how the boys react (since that is in ONE MONTH!!!).**


Amy said...

Leave boys with Jeanneta?? Spend cuddle time with hubby?

Kathryn said...

Is there a pool in the hotel? Are there parks near by? If not it might be more exhausting to have the kids with you there than at home. ???

Blueberry said...

i think i agree with kathryn. it might be more stressful to be there and have nothing to do than be home and have something to do. does that make sense?
it would be nice to do what amy says, if you can. :)

tricki_nicki said...

I think you should go - dvd players are always great, even if you just make it a fun time to hang out and do NOTHING! You deserve that every now and again. If you're home you'll do laundry or something, you know you will! Whatever you do, take your stroller, just in case.

Law Student Hot Mama said...

Nashville sucks, but you should STILL totally go. I'm a firm believer in taking kids to new places.

Also, your comment on my post cracked me up about Little House on the Prairie. Hell, here I am fighting the frump every day - and this woman clearly EMBRACES it!

Sassy said...

The reward lies in the journey, not the prize....
Ok, cheesy quote, but hey, it is an adventure. DO IT. (no pressure, haha)

I have driven my kids 13 hours alone several times. Bella took her first 7 hour road trip at 1 month old.
Bring snacks, wrap little "gifts" in tissue (like stickers or dollar store toys) and buy a new DVD or CD for the boys, they will have fun. Indulge in a martini when you get there, haha-

CissaLynn said...

Hey there! I vote for you to go!!!!! I think traveling w/kids is stressful, but always worth it in the end!!!! :))
What are you taking classes for? And how long do you have to go?? Enjoy your break!!!!

Christina said...

Casting my vote for DO IT!!! Absolutely!

Stacy said...'s my advice....GO!GO!GO!

I love roadtrips. I love to travel. And for over 16 yrs I have lived in places that make the traditiional American roadtrip impossible. Can you tell that I am uber jealous???

Beth said...

Make sure you take a DVD player for the car and go for it!

krissy said...

Listen up! First of all, forget Nashville. Second, head up North towards me!!!! Dang it! Get you cute little but here!

Ahem~I feel better now.

Then you and I could drive and pick up Kathryn since we both love the girl.

Thanks for going to Kori's sight and your scripture was beautiful. Does you hubby want to relocate.

I agree with Amy, leave the boys behind with a trusting friend/family and go get your groove thing on. Or.....come see ME!

Blueberry said...

you should probably go, i can tell you want to. :)
see, for me, being alone in an unfamiliar place with two children (even if i had tons to do) would be stressful and uncomfortable. i don't think i'd enjoy it. BUT you and i are totally different so there is a excellent chance it wouldn't bother you at all.

we took bean to florida when she was 18 months old (16 hour drive). it wasn't all that bad. just have a dvd player in the car and and some of their favorite music and snacks and you should be fine. (a special snack that you don't normally let them have is even better) and don't forget to stop and let them out of the car once or twice along the way- you know, a potty/diaper break, stretch your legs, get something to eat kinda thing.
good luck with your decision!

Sassy said...

Brittany, will you please help me spread the word today about a benefit auction? I have 16 hours to raise money for a lady suffering with cancer.
I would greatly appreciate your help.

Thank you SO much. I will return the favor.

My Goodness said...

Tough. I have the same situation about this weekend. And I've chickened out to stay home. If someone was available to watch the kids, I would go. I just think it will be easier to be HOME alone with the kids than to be away and have to entertain them alone.

I'm a wuss.

There are fun things to do in N'ville. My dad lives near there. We always go to the Discovery Center where my step-mother works. We love going to Opry Mills Mall...and eating at Rainforest Cafe...for the experience, not so much the food, hee!

Arizaphale said...

This is so weird.
For me it's a no brainer but I can see for many people there is a genuine indecision.
I would go. I would relish a new place, new things to see and do.
I guess I only had one child so that simplifies it but I took her all OVER the place :-) She now lists 'travel' as one of her loves (along with walks on the beaches and unicorns....just kidding). The additional benefits of being away are; room service, cleaners, no laundry........:-)
The thing is, life is not a rehearsal. Take all your opportunities. Stretching yourself and your comfort zone can lead to amazing growth and precious memories. If you are strong enough.
Only you know what you can cope with.

Elaine A. said...

I think you should go, but I am the adventurous type and like to do stuff like this. Have fun if you do!!

jessicamarie12 said...

GO! You'll have fun! It will be an experience :)

Dawn said...

i have personally experienced the nashville zoo w/ my kiddos and we had a great time. but i know nothing else about the rest of the city. i'd be more inclined to stay home.

Sarah said...

Aww, I'm going through the same thing trying to decide on a trip for this weekend...actually coming to C-bus Sun-Tues. I want to come for a friend's bday party, but it would also involve cramming in homework on top of already crammed in homework and probably pulling an all-nighter somewhere and not being awake at work. I hate that. Blah. Good luck, it's hard making those decisions, not knowing if you are totally going to miss out on something... or be happy that you decided on a chill weekend at home :P I say, live daring when possible. I think I'll probably try to go if I can and hole up in a panera for at least one morning with books. haha.

Mandaroo said...

Nintendos are great for traveling as are leapsters for the little ones. There's lots of great games, even educational ones and the kids LOVE them! Sounds like a fun adventure. I'm taking my girls to WA at the end of the month by myself, and am pretty excited about it!

kim said...

We almost went on a business trip with Brian awhile back, but after hearing that he wouldn't be around at all (conference during the day and meetings at night) I decided we'd be better off at home.
(minus the illness - I'm glad you decided to go, it sounds like you're having a decent time.)