Friday, April 11, 2008

Weekly Wrap

1) Last week of having three classes, at once! I'll then only have ONE! yay! :) I do, however, have three papers all due by next Saturday... ummm...I've not started one...EEK!

2) I was looking at photos, today. The first one is Daddy and Adam, when Adam was 9 months old. The second is of Daddy and Matthew (Matthew is 9 months old). I think Matt is finally starting to not look like Adam. Well, maybe. What do you think?

3) Got to see Baby Sprout (and Bean and mommy, too) today! :) We took them over a dinner, so that mommy could have a break. Hope you enjoy the dinner, my friend! :)

4) Tomorrow, they are having a going home party for Baby Ethan. I so wish we could have taken a trip there, to be apart of the festivities. It is actually open for anyone who wants to come. They are having everyone wear BLUE, to the party. I am going to wear blue tomorrow, anyway.

5) Andy goes out of town again next week. sigh. (and possibly the first TWO weeks in May.... big SIGH).

6) Did I mention yet that both of my boys are NAPPING?!?!?! Oh yes, that's right... I am alone... Just me and my coke zero... well...and the dog and cat.

7) Pay it forward is coming to an end... well, the class is anyway. I am going to continue the project and I urge you do, too! (there is a new post! feel free to comment on your thoughts!)

8) It's raining... but OH SO WARM! It's currently 71 degrees. I am so glad.

9) I am all alone. Did I tell you this, yet?

10) Sadie loves the weather, too. And her new camo shirt, from Target. :)

Happy Weekend, everyone!! :) Tomorrow, we tackle our garage... DOO DOO DOO. If you saw our garage, you would want to wish me luck. Heck, wish me luck anyway! :)


Kathryn said...

I think your boys each have their own look. They look like they are in the same family, but definitely different. And both SOOOO cute!
It is 71 there???? I am so jealous!!!!
Look at your cute pooch. Ack! Love the shirt!
Have a great weekend!

Elaine A. said...

I think the boys favor each other but that Matt looks mostly like you.

We need to tackle our garage too, it's out of control once again. Good luck with that!

Cute puppy clothes!

Becoming Me said...

Sounds like a great week

Maggie said...

Those boys are just too adorable! But I don't really think that they look much alike - I think that Matthew looks JUST like you, and that Adam looks more like Andy.

Hopefully the sun will come out for you soon...we're supposed to have snow flurries tomorrow (what's up with that?!) but then next week it's supposed to be 80 and sunny...I can't wait!

Law Student Hot Mama said...

I definitely think Matthew looks more like you than Adam. Adam looks like his daddy.

Oh, and I love that you have free time . . . so instead of working on your paper you blog! A woman after my own heart!

Blueberry said...

oh, you must have written this before the rain came through... it is 58 degrees and wet now!

it was great seeing you and the boys today! thanks for dinner AND thanks for the clothes!

oh and i agree that matthew has more of a brittany look to him and adam has much more of andy about him. they do have their similarities though.

Angie said...

I think your boys look a lot alike, but can see the differences. My sister and I have always been like this. People tell us we look identical. Then, I am told I look like my dad's family and she is told she looks like my mom's family. How can that be? Strange. And for the record, my parents do not look alike.


Anonymous said...

Yeah... I also say Adam looks like Andy, and Matt definitely takes after mom.

Christina said...

I agree with everyone else! Adam looks like Daddy and Matt looks like YOU!
I'm jealous...I wanna see baby Sprout!

Kellan said...

Our garage needs a good cleaning too. Have fun and don't work too hard. Have a good weekend - Kellan

kim said...

Sounds like a pretty good week... decent weather, napping boys, new baby... what could be better.

Fire Hunt said...

I agree with everyone else! About the boys. I just want a garage.

Law Student Hot Mama said...

I just popped over to tell you that was a VERY respectable comment you left on my blog.

I approve.

Arizaphale said...

Himself did his shed today too!!! Duh duh Daaaaaaaaa....
I just left him to it and went out for lunch :-)

I've always thought M looked different to A but they're both exceptionally handsome young men.

Hooray for only one class!!!!!!!!!!!