Friday, August 24, 2007

Weekly Wrap

1) Gassy babies make days crappy (ha ha...get it? crappy...gas?? ha... nevermind)

2) "Quality" time with the husband means watching cartoon movies and playing card games. That's quality-- even with a 22 month old sitting in between the two of us.

3) Taking my sister to get her school schedule made me realize how much I don't miss high school. Like, OH MY Gosh!

4) Spiders are evil.

5) Moms rock. In general yes they do, but my moms are extra special, because they put up with me. haha.

6) I need to get out of the house next week; I think I forgot what the sun looks like.

7) Freecycle is so fun!! If you haven't joined this group, you should!!

8) September is going to be a busy month. Where did the summer go?

9) Husbands are easy pushovers when it comes to having them take three day weekends. YAY!

10) Yay for a new farmer's market tomorrow!!! :) Anyone want to come?? :)


Arizaphale said...

Re no 1: I got it !!!!

Arizaphale said...

PS: (sorry)
If I could get my husband to play a game of cards and be charitable about it I would be walking on sunshine!!!! His Small Boy son LOVES cards and as I keep trying to explain to doesn't matter WHO WINS!!!!!!!!! It's about the time you spend with your family!

Blueberry and the Bean said...

another week down. ;)

today has been particularly yuck for me. i hope yours has gone well.

enjoy that market!