Friday, August 10, 2007

Weekly Wrap

1) Andy has lost 17 lbs. on his diet! I am so glad that the hour or so I spend a day working on his meals is paying off! I am also glad that he is taking this seriously and working so hard. I am proud of him!

2) No more thrush!! woo hoo!

3) I got my information for next semesters classes (I was hoping this semester would go slowly, and next semester would never start...sigh). I start back Sept. 24th.

4) We've had a lot of unexpected expenses lately-- but the Lord has provided, with some unexpected earnings, as well. Thank you, Lord!!

5) Adam is returning to himself. We had one whole day, this week, where he obeyed me at all times.... and that was a good day.

6) I think I took 4 showers this week-- not bad out of five days... haha.

7) It finally rained and broke the horrid heat wave!!!

8) I have beautiful children (see photo above for proof)

9) We're ending our week of meals that were provided for us. Thanks to all of my wonderful friends, for helping out! You're all amazing cooks.

10) It's the weekend, and I am glad!!!! :)


Cari said...

That is a great picture. And a very good news weekly wrap all the way around. Happy weekend.

John, Amy, Quaid & Bailey said...

You have the cutest blog ideas...I may have to steal that one from! Looks like you had a pretty decent week, good job...see you can do it :)

Have a great weekend!!

christinator said...

What a great news round-up! That's a cute idea to finish off each week. I didn't realize you're going to school; what are you studying? I am quite impressed with #5...maybe Nadia can take notes from Adam!

P.S Adam looks so cute in his car bed!

Laura McIntyre said...

Sounds like a good week, yes your kids are adorable and good luck with school. Ohh and congrats to Andy - i first read it as Adam lost 17lbs and could't work out why that was't a major emergencie so of course re read