Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Spiders...Oh my

Today I was searching in my closet for some shoes, when I was attacked by the largest spider I've ever seen. Ok, so I exaggerate sometimes, but this time I am not... It was about 2-3 inches round... LARGE. So, of course I squealed, like the girl I am and ran, waving my arms and jumping around, out of the bedroom. Adam, being in close range comes running down the hall saying "dance, mommy, dance!" Here's what happened after:

Me: Mommy isn't dancing. There is a very large spider in mommy's bedroom!

Adam: good spider, mommy? (everything is good to him, for some reason)

Me: Ummmm, Big spiders can bite and they aren't always good.

(Adam runs into the bedroom to see what I am talking about. I run after Adam and tell him to get on the bed. Large spider friend is sitting in the middle of the floor, smiling at me. Yes, he was smiling.)

Adam (jumping on the bed): Good spider, good spider, good spider.

Me (crying on the inside and carrying around one of my large cookbooks): Mommy is going to kill the spider, Adam, because he's not good and could give us ouchies.

(I stand over the large spider and drop the VERY heavy book... he's dead, right? WRONG! The freakin' thing ran INTO the closet again. So, this time I go and get the bug spray.)

Adam: Spider run mommy! Spider run.

Me: sigh. Yes, buddy the spider ran.

(I rummage through the shoes, using one of the hangers, and find the spider. I start spraying the bug spray as frantically as possible and the darn thing STILL ran away.)

Me: grrr

Adam: GRRRR... Lion?

Me: No baby, mommy is not happy.

Adam: sad? (sticks out his tongue, because he thinks that's how he sticks his lip out...)

Me: yes, baby, yes.

I gave up! Never found the stupid thing. I did however make Andy go through the entire closet, shake all the shoes, and prove to me that there wasn't a spider in the closet. THEN..... we fogged the house. Not just for the spider, but we've had a massive amount of bugs lately so I thought maybe this was the final straw to make us fog the house.

Stupid spider.

We came to the conclusion that there had to be a hatching of spiders in the house, because we've killed many of the same looking spiders (in smaller form) this past week. Hopefully, all of the spiders and their kin are dead.


Melissa said...

Brittney, your description made me laugh out loud...especially the part when Adam was jumping on the bed! :)

John, Amy, Quaid & Bailey said...

Eeeeek...I know how ya feel man! Funny how kids see things in a totally different perspective than us. I remember when Quaid was a little older than Adam and when he saw me kill a spider, he says "Mommy, you killed spiderman"...lol I wanted to laugh, but he was serious!

You are too cute though, I hope he doesn't come bite you in the middle of the night...hehehe

Arizaphale said...

Oh I hate. hate. hate spiders!!!!! In Australia all spiders are dangerous...to some degree. I have SOOO done the whole heavy book thing although nowadays I am a pretty dead eye and they don't get to run!!! Once I was trapped in the school in the bush for several hours as there was a 5" in diameter spider sitting in the DOORWAY!!! I rang the publican's wife but she laughed at me and I was left to figure it out myself. The one thing I have realised is that doing a kind of karate yell as you drop the book is a bad idea...it warns them :-D

Blueberry and the Bean said...

ha! ha ha ha ha! ha!

i had a spider in my shoe one time that was about that size... found it when i put my foot in the shoe. if you have a vision of me throwing a shoe across the room and saying a delightful curse word you've got the image perfectly. :)

Dawn Reiss said...

we are dealing with similar bug problems, so you guys wanna come over and fog our place? i literally scan each room with my eyes as i walk in (i may as well wield a gun and slam open doors like Jennifer Garner does on Alias)! seriously, as if our lives weren't stressful enough.

Christina said...

LOL, how funny! Only cuz I wasn't there, tho, as I hate spiders, too. Good thing you had your boy Adam to take care of you. :o)