Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It's my Birthday...

Today I'm 28 years old. Before you all send me messages telling me what a "spring chicken" I am, please remember that when you use a phrase like "spring chicken," you clearly look older than I am... So... Go ahead... use that phrase.

Anyway- to celebrate my 28th Birthday, I give you 28 things about ME:

1) In exactly TWO months I will finally graduate college...after 10 years of changing my mind and having babies keeping me from graduating. I am pumped. Can't wait to finally be DONE!

2) I love candy. No, you don't understand. I L-O-V-E candy. I hide it. Not well enough, though, because everyone knows where I "hide" it.

3) I call Soda Pop, "soda." I know, this doesn't seem foreign to many of you. But you see, in Ohio they call it "pop" and if you call it "soda" you're wrong. So, for many years (ummm about 22) I called it "pop," and then one day I realized I was WRONG. So, I now call it soda.

4) I throw up a lot. Yea. Gross. I know. But I have a really weird stomach. I always have. I used to puke as a kid every time I got nervous or scared. Thunderstorms were FUN in my house-- ask my mom. But now, if I eat something too greasy or something that I am not used to... watch out... toilet here I come. At least I make it to the toilet!

5) My kids are miracles. That's right. Gifts from God. I have to remind myself that sometimes, when they are getting on my nerves. But really, I want them to be on my nerves, because it's better than them not being here!

6) I am a daddy's girl. I am. Ask him. I still sit on his lap. And I hope my girl is a daddy's girl too, because it's the best!

7) I am SO glad spring is coming. I am so over ice and snow. Goodbyeeee ice and snow!

8) I am not sure I have 28 things to tell you.

9) 9 is enough. right?

10) I really love coffee. Has to be hot. HOT coffee. I don't mean warm... but HOT. Andy bought me a special coffee pot and special cups, to help keep my coffee as hot as possible. I have a leather mouth apparently, because I can't seem to get it hot enough!

11) I also have leather hands. I can put my hands in boiling water (almost) without any pain. Maybe it's just mommy hands.

12) Chloe has been calling me "Maymeeee" instead of "mommy" I love it!

13) I can't wait until school is over and I can read a real book. I want to read a REAL book.

14) I love horror movies. Good ol' B-rated horror flicks. The bloodier the better. I know. I'm a sick woman.

15) Whipper snapper. There's another phrase you may use, in order to make yourself look older than me. :)

16) My husband took me thrifting for my birthday. That's right. I rummaged around in people's old items, for my birthday. Guess what? I LOVED IT! :) I love thrift stores!

17) I have amazing siblings. I hope we never lose sight of the importance of one another. I can't imagine my life without them.

18) I am still a Steelers fan. Thanks for asking.

19) I do own a Packers shirt now. Courtesy of my husband, the Packers fan. I wore it once.

20) I think if I am asked what my favorite food is, the first thing I'll say is: Chinese food, no salad, no soup, no baked potatoes, no soft pretzels, no bread, no bagels...no.... candy... no wait.... Can I have more than one favorite?

21) Now I want Chinese food.

22) I workout 5 days a week. To counteract the Chinese food. And because I like it. I really do.

23)  Jillian Michael's is my "favorite" workout. I like to pretend I am punching her, during the boxing parts of the DVDs. It's fun.

24) I can't wait to go camping.

25) Andy and I are celebrating 10 years of marriage, this summer. TEN. TEN!

26) We are going to New York City, for our anniversary. :) I can't wait.

27) Sometimes I wonder when life will slow down.....

28) and then I remember that if it were to slow down, then I might not appreciate it as much as I should. And I do... I appreciate everything and everyone in my life.


Angie said...

How fun!! What an awesome idea! I hope your day has been as awesome as you are chica!! :)

Blueberry said...

happy birthday again!
and don't worry, you will have chinese in a couple days! :)

oh, and your "about me" still says you have a dog. i think it is time for an update! ;)

Mom Zinze said...

Some additional 'facts' that she didn't share. . . . . .

Brittany snorts when she laughs.

As a result of marrying into the Sinzinger clan, she now snores like most of the rest of us.

She is very clever at choosing presents.

She is a bargain shopper-nista, coupon super-queen, and classy thrifter.

Her 'in-laws' call her their second daughter or daughter-in-love.

She is a brain - 4.0 or almost through all the 10 yrs of college.

Most importantly, Jesus Christ changed her life forever.

Linda Mayor said...

Happy Birthday you spring chicken, whipper snapper, young'un, rugrat!

This was a fabulous list of 28....fabulous just like you! LOVE your sense of humor!

Love you to bits!!!

Momma Linda from the ice age :)

The Egel Nest said...

This is so cute...you are so cute!! LOL

Happy Birthday!

My sister is a puker..so I am familiar with that! And what is this soda stuff...it is POP in the midwest...LOL

I love horror movies too :)



Kat said...

Happy Birthday, young lady!!!! You are a young whipper snapper, you know! I'm gonna be 35 soon and I still feel like I should be in my early twenties. So strange how that works. ;)

I love the 28 things! I used to work out to Jillian but she really does annoy me too much. I DO want to punch her. That made me laugh.

I want coffee right now. And Chinese food. Yum. :)

Happy Birthday!

Maggie said...

Happy Birthday Brittany!! Hope that your day is amazing!

Elaine A. said...

Happy Happy Birthday! I loved reading your list and I forgive you for being born almost 8 years after me... ;-P

Edie Mindell said...

Happy birthday to you. I enjoyed reading your 28 lists. I used to puke a lot too, and I like my coffee really hot.:-) Advanced Happy Anniversary to you and your husband. You are so blessed. Enjoy life more.:-)