Monday, March 22, 2010

House Selling is the Pits.

So we thought we had this house selling thing in the bag. While yes, the economy is still on the rise and house sales are still down, we have the perfect house for this economy! It's in good condition, it's a great size, and it's "cheaper." We can get away with selling it for cheaper, still make a profit, and go on our way... orrr... NOT. 

House selling....



P I T S! 

We've had an amazing amount of foot traffic, but no one wants to commit. 

Maybe they're afraid "something is wrong with it," because it's cheaper for its size.

Maybe people don't want that nice tax incentive, after all.... 

Maybe people are picky... 

Maybe people like playing with my emotions... Maybe....

Maybe we aren't meant to move? I mean. There has to be a plan in all of this. 



Tell me there's a plan. 

It's hard keeping a house C L E A N 24/7 with three kids, under the age of 5! 

Maybe I just need to trust that there's a plan. Let go. Step back. And stop worrying. 
Yes...that's what I need to do. 

Besides-- I have these beauties to obtain my focus... :) 


mom said...

maybe try a new agent??

Stacy said...

How long have you had it listed? It doesn't go as quick now as it used to...people really seem to take their time buying. Hopefully you will get it sold soon though. The last house we sold was on the market for 6 months. YUK!

JessicaR said...

I didn't want to rain on your parade when you were so excited about selling and moving quickly. I thought maybe it was just the condo market that was bad, but it sounds like it's not :( I'm sorry you're having to deal with this too! The worst part is values are probably going to go down even more after this tax credit expires at the end of April... UGH!

Fire Hunt said...

It will sell in GODS time and I know that you know that, but I feel for you and will be praying that you will get it sold soon though.

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