Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Being Little Brother

Matthew is well into his two's and it's very obvious.... I remember this time with Adam, and I remember not enjoying it at times, and completely enjoying it other times. The "terrible two's" are very apparent in our home. But it's fun to see how different Matthew is, and how he is his own person.

Here's a little about our Mr. Matty: 

He has to do everything on his own. "Me do it, mommy!" 

He is a VERY picky eater! I don't allow him to only eat 3 or 4 foods, like he would like to do, and it's a constant battle. 

He has to have his way...all of the time!

If he wants something, it's "RIGHT NOW!". Patience is not a virtue, to this 2 year old!

He is SUPER silly. He thinks he's funny and he loves to make jokes. 

He loves his brother and sister very much. Even when he's having a grumpy day, he never takes it out on his siblings. 

He loves his daddy very much! They've been spending some alone time together, and it's really helping them forge a wonderful relationship! 

He likes books-- we read a lot!

He lovvvveessss Hotwheels. He could play with cars all day, if I let him!

He likes to help me cook and clean. So, he's domestic too! ;) 

He is still taking breathing treatments, everyday, for his asthma. We've modified a lot of his environment and he's taking extra protein and vitamins. Thankfully, he is under control and we've had no more breathing issues. 

He's still in 18-24 month clothing. He's almost 3 and is in clothing half his size. He's just pint size! :) 

He's the perfect fit for our family, and OH so very special! :)


Blueberry said...

he he he! cute little guy!

2 is my favorite age. yes there are moments but over all 2 year olds are soooo much fun! i find 3 to be difficult and 4 to be absolutely annoying... i'm worried about what 5 will bring!!

love you matt!

Rebekah said...

He is so cute! You're right, Michelle's going to be bigger than him very soon.

Oh, and the tape did NOT work :( The girl is too smart for her own good. She now wears her pjs backwards and has to just deal with the funky feet.

Christina said...

that little man is cute as heck! I can see his sweetness from here.

Sarah said...

I can't believe how big these little guys are getting :) I've been blog absent, obviously. But I'm back, minimalistic/cooking blogging, but that's life ;)