Sunday, November 30, 2008

WHAT a weekend...

I don't know where to start! This has been the most relaxing and fun weekend we've had in a long time. Here's what we did:


* Went to in-laws for turkey and family time
* Picked up my two sisters, to have them for black Friday
* Stayed up ALL night. That's right, I can still do it. ;)
* Had an amazing dance party at 3 am. Emily and I are dancing queens.


* Got in line at Target, by 5 am. Froze. to. death.
* Shopped until 1 pm. 8 hours of shopping. sigh.
* Slept for three hours.
* relaxed.


* Saw "Twilight". Constipated Jasper. Terrible special effects. In love with Carlisle. Bella needs to wear something other than that gray shirt. Will see next movie.

* Went to a light parade with my daddy. Froze. to. death. part 2.


* Church

* Baby shower. I didn't win the baby games, like usual. I am sad.

Did you see how much alone time I had this weekend? Did you see how I didn't touch my homework that is due in 4.5 hours? Um. Yea. I need to get on that and stop blogging. :)

**pictures to come**


Stacy said...

I hear you girl....
I **LOVE** Black Friday @ 5am
And naps!
But I hate that I have neglected my homework....ugh!

Blueberry said...

um, 8 hours of shopping on no sleep. i would need to be peeled off the floor! there is no way i'd survive that. i will blame it on the fact that i am 9 years older than you.

glad you had a great weekend!! now get that homework done! ;)

Fire Hunt said...

Black Friday was fun.

Elaine A. said...

You were BUSY! (but you already knew that, huh?)

Hope your homework is easy! : )

Christina said...

Whoa, the new layout surprised me! But I like it!

What a weekend. Busy gal!

I saw Twilight Saturday, too! LOVE the books, and I went into the movie expecting to hate it. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, tho...still, the books are better - of course!

jessicamarie12 said...

Ahh! I would have collapsed by 7am on Friday. You have super powers, woman!

Maya said...

You are crazy doing 5am at Target in the cold!!! :)