Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A week in the life of me....

Just a random list...because it's easier:

* Today was our playgroup Halloween party. I forgot to take pictures. UGH. I took maybe three at the end of the party, and they turned out like crap. boo.

* We then had lunch with Daddy, downtown (this is a big trip, and a big deal for the kids! It takes about 45 minutes to get to daddy's work, so we don't make the trip that often). I did get a cute picture of the boys in the courtyard.

* Baby Jaguar hid under the chairs in daddy's office.

* Is anyone else glad the election is almost over? I am. I am. I am. I got a call from Obama tonight- I tried talking back, but he wouldn't stop talking (heehee)! GRR those recordings.

* Adam calls Obama, "Barack Yo' Mama" No joke. It's hilarious.

* Adam calls Sarah Palin "the hot lady" (Wonder where he heard this?? ::cough::)

* And John McCain: "Oh, I know John McCain, I saw him on TV!"

* Terrible threes ... That's all I have to say.

* Speaking of THREE. This little boy is having a Cars party on Saturday, because...he's turning three.

* I am having a slight complex with him turning three. Can he really be THREE already? Stay tuned for the ever so popular slide show of Adam's last year! :)

* Daddy is home the rest of the week. Before you say "oh, good for them," let me stop you. Daddy's car is being a P.O.S and breaking in all kinds of ways. We've already replaced a part for way too much money, and now we have to have ANOTHER part replaced. He literally cannot drive to work. It's crazy. Hopefully it all works out.... because... well... then he can work on my car. ah!

* Hope you're all having a wonderful week!!

*PS... I will finish the third part of my story... I promise... I'm writing it... give me time! :)


Maggie said...

Oh my goodness, they are the CUTEST! Could they be any more adorable together?! And I love that their costumes go together - Diego and Baby Jaguar, what a great idea!!

jessicamarie12 said...

AHAHAHA!! That was the BEST SNL skit! I have watched it at least five times and it cracks me up every time. Jonathan does the "When you go in the voting booth to vote... just REMEMBER THIS FACE -- me, George W. Bush! A vote for John McCain is a vote for me!" (okay, I hope you are talking about the SNL skit or I'll feel really dumb... but that's the only place I remember hearing Sarah Palin called "the hot lady" :))

I want a call from Obama... :(

Blueberry said...

hey we don't get calls from obama- just some people trying to tell us to vote for john mccain. i'm SO ready for this to be OVER.

and i'm with jessica- that was the funniest snl election skit by far.

sorry about the car stuff, that really stinks! hope the car is FIXED this time.

bean can't wait for the party!! :)

Trannyhead said...

Sumo can say "Obama" but not McCain. In fact, he gets really excited when the phone rings in the evening and screams "'BAMA" and runs to the phone in hope that the senator is there. It's very strange.

Stacy said...

Oh your boys are so cute! I love the idea of the costumes - Adorable!

I am so ready for the election to be over! I can't wait for the ads to just STOP. This has been the longest election ever.

Killlashandra said...

Cute Baby Jaguar under the chair. :) I hope they had fun at daddy's office. Mine get like that when they come to my office. Even the older ones get a kick visiting mom at work. Looks like they had lots of fun.

And yes, I'm so glad the election is almost over, the commercials are just killing me!

Golightly said...

I'm glad it's almost over. Happy Early Birthday to Adam. I feel your pain...Harrison will be four in March. Too Soon! Too Soon!

I love that picture of Adam!

Rebekah said...

I have to say that our family makes the cutest babies, right?? I love the pictures of Adam and Matthew.

Fire Hunt said...

I tell the boys that they got a call from Obama, they love it.

Joanna said...

The boys are so adorable. I love the last shot after you mention he is turning 3.

I think its great that you took the kids into the "big city". What treat for them, not to mention seeing Daddy!

Christina said...

I feel your pain on the car thing...we've been a one-car family for the past month!! I think this weekend we'll get his fixed, and that will be a happy day!

Seriously CUTE Diego and Baby Jaguar!
YES, I'm ready for it to all be over!
Our babies turning three...I feel ya there, too!

Arizaphale said...

Congratulations for today Adam (our time anyway)!!! Three! Too much. Can't believe it. You'll be voting yourself before too long.
(Barrack Yo Mama hahahahaha)