Monday, December 20, 2010

Pretty, Pretty, Princess....Chloe turns ONE!

Dear Chloe-
One year ago, at this very moment, mommy was awake, in your room, rocking in the rocking chair. I was talking to you, while you were in my belly, hoping and praying that we would find out you could be born today. I slept very little that night, because I was so nervous. Mommy was very unsure of having a little girl! I was worried about how different you would be, from your brothers, and worried about having three kids.

Later in the day, we found out that your lungs were ready and we could have you. You made mommy very sick, while you were in her belly, and mommy was getting sicker as the days went on. So, we made the important decision to have you early.

Everyone was there, when you were born. They were all ready to see you, love you, cuddle you and be with you. And we were SO happy to have you with us. Finally a little girl!

Chloe, this past year has been amazing. When I thought about you, before you were born, I prayed that you would be a strong, healthy, blue eyed, beauty. God gave me everything I asked for, and SO much more. Chloe Danielle, YOU are the most amazing ray of sunshine, I have ever met in my life. You are beautiful. smart. adventurous. You love your brothers. You love your daddy. You snuggle. You cuddle. You hug. You kiss. You love mommy. You say so many words. You comprehend beyond your age. You have many people wrapped around your tiny fingers.

I thank God for you, Chloe. Everyday, I am reminded of God's love, because of the gift He gave me-- you.  

Happy First Birthday, Princess.

I love you, with all that I am-


Arizaphale said...

OK. I'm running for the tissues.....At this time when my girl is getting more independent and less interested in mummy, I think back to this age and to the blessing she has been to me and my life and I am right with you in your thoughts about your beautiful daughter. Congratulations on one fantastic year to all the Mommee family.
btw: did I mention the awesome cake?

Kat said...

Awww. You are making me cry!
Happy Birthday to your little beauty!!! :)

Tami said...

Happy Birthday Baby Girl.

Nana said...

Nana loves you Princess Chloe with all my heart!!!!!! You are everything and more that I dreamed that you would be. God Bless you and keep you ALWAYS!!!

Christina said...

Happy FIRST birthday, sweet girl! What a blessing you have been!