Wednesday, August 19, 2009

How do they GROW so fast?

My babies are growing up!

Adam starts Pre-school in 9 days

Matty can speak in full sentences (I really love it when he says "hey, dude!")

Adam is currently playing on HIS computer- doing a game I am sure I couldn't figure out!

Matty is also playing on HIS computer- popping balloons with Pooh Bear

Adam wants to be the big brother. He takes charge quite often.

Matty also likes to take charge.


GRAPE- Grape is 20 weeks baked today! Halfway. 140 days. And tomorrow... tomorrow we find out if we will use our girl name we've had picked out for FOUR years, or the newly picked out boy name.


Arizaphale said...

Oooooo, love that last shot! And it is already tomorrow here so......what is it? Girl or boy? Don't keep us in suspense :-D

Christina said...

It is "tomorrow" now, so I know the answer!!! Yay!!!!!

That photo of Matty is so totally cool! LOVE IT!!!!

(Wow, a lot os exclaimations today!!!)

Can't believe they both know how to work a computer - Nadia's too bsuy telling me that she knows how to use a mouse to actually learn!