Friday, March 6, 2009

Why I am a slacker...

I know. I know. I posted a contest and then I left ya'll high and dry. I'll be honest, I've been unmotivated. I've also had a busy week! So here's my weekly wrap:

1) I spent the day with my daddy, on Tuesday. His knee is healing well, and he is going back to work on Sunday! (Thanks for all your prayers!)

2) Wednesday was playgroup. It was PACKED! Seriously the highest number of people, this year, for playgroup.

3) My poor car is still having some issues. So back to the shop for Kronk. Good ol' Kronk is costing us a lot of $$. Andy claims it's my birthday present. I don't believe him.

4) Adam hasn't been sleeping. Anyone else have this problem with their kids. He just will NOT sleep! And when he does sleep: night terrors. He's had 3 nights terrors this week, alone. We sat up with him last night, for a half-hour, with him just crying and crying, all while still asleep! ;(

5) I started spring cleaning this week. I've tackled Matty's room and parts of the kitchen. We actually have an ORGANIZED pantry! :)

6) Yesterday we went to storytime, saw Nana at Target, visited Nonnie and Pa, saw cousin Josiah, and had a really nice time. It was busy.

7) School! Ah! It's kicking my booty, this time around. A lot of busy work. Papers, papers, and more papers. Not so exciting.

8) Did you know I'm giving something away? Well, I am. Scroll down and sign-up to win! You have until midnight, tonight! Good luck!

9) I have videos due at the library. I think I have a fine. (I know, not on topic, but I just looked up and saw them!)

10) Matty just said, "ONE! TWO! GO!!!!!" ha ha ha. He's really quite cute.

10) Needs more coffee, if I am going to make it through the day! 6:30 awake time just isn't cool... you hear me kids?! bah!

Have a happy weekend!


Kelli said...

I loved that you said Daddy (I still call mine Daddy), I miss my couple left and the other moved and then there was just me and my friend Lyndsey, so we don't do it anymore, ahhh Target!

Blueberry said...

your lists always make me tired!!

Kat said...

Well, I can tell you the night terrors is just a phase. But it is still so exhausting.
Hang in there!

Jaimie Kylene said...

You sure are busy!

I'm not sure what to tell you about night terrors- we haven't had them. I hope it doesn't last long. Just hug him tight (if he'll let you)

Have a great birthday weekend!

Christina said...

Busy lady!! I'm glad you're dad is doing well. I hope Ol' Kronk's health improves, too!! I've also been spring cleaning this week. And, I've got library fines, too - returned a cd case without the cd! Blah.

Rebekah said...

spring cleaning--definitely should be doing that. We still don't have Michelle's room cleared out! And I won't even start on our basement. I used to have it so organized and pretty (well, pretty for an unfinished basement). Now it looks like a landfill :(

Elaine A. said...

Yeah, you need to let me know that I won your giveaway, girl! ; )

Sounds like y'all have been busy. Sorry to hear about little guys night terrors, we haven't experienced that here. Hope it's just a quick phase!

Anonymous said...

this might work give your son some control over his bad dreams, i know you tell him to think happy thoughts but if he feels scared give him a squirt bottle full of special "brave water" or "anti bad dream, super hero potion" and he can spray the bottle and hopefully gain some control! night terrors are yucky!

Arizaphale said...

You got your work cut out for you mate. I think you are amazing doing school along with everything else you do with the kids etc. Have a wonderful weekend and get ready for some birthday paht-tay!!!