Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Year I was born....

These events occurred:

1) World population was 4.69 billion
2) Ronald Reagan was president
3) The first US spacewalk occurs in nine years
4) Compact discs are introduced
5) The last episode of M*A*S*H airs
6) Crack Cocaine is developed in the Bahamas (Andy says that "this explains a lot".... jerk)
7) Big Bird in China wins an Emmy Award
8) "Hurts So Good" wins John Cougar a Grammy
9) A-Ha, Bon Jovi (drool), The Flaming Lips, NOFX, Megadeath, Run-D.M.C all became bands, this year.
10) "Billie Jean" becomes the years biggest hit
11) IBM releases Dos 2.0
12) Famous people my age: Carrie Underwood, Taylor Hanson (oh yes, one of those brothers...great), Amy Winehouse (which is very odd. She is actually younger than me, but looks like she's much older. Someone is a partier?), Kate Bosworth.... just to name a few.
13) Microsoft Word is first released.
14) McDonald's introduces the McNugget (Brilliant!)
15) Kellogg's introduces Crispix cereal
16) Vanessa Williams is crowned the first African American Miss America
17) Nintendo is introduced in Japan
18) Tokyo Disney opens
19) Ronald Reagan proclaims this year "The Year of The Bible"
20) Apple releases the first "laptop"
21) Super Bowl XVII takes place
22) Iran opens an invasion in Iraq (so it begins)
23) The lowest temperature on earth is recorded in Poland
24) El Nino is first addressed
25) *I* was born! :)


Amy said...

Well I wasn't too far off...
25 was a very fun year for me, hope it's awesome for you!

Blueberry and the Bean said...

ahhh, i remember lots of those things happening... but then again i was in 4th grade when you were born so i guess i would! ;)
happy early birthday!

4 Little Men said...

that was fun to read. Hope you have a wonderful birthday!


jennwa said...

Happy Birthday !!
You are so young. I was 10 when all that stuff was going on.

Maya said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

Don Mills Diva said...

YAY - Happy Birthday to you! All those events made me feel old because I am old enough to remember them well and you were a newborn...SIGH>

My Life With Boys said...

AHA! I was right! Happy Birthday!

Beth said...

Happy Birthday! And I guessed right! Hope you have a good one!

And to tell you how old I am...the year I was born they walked on the MOON

And just so there is no confusion...that's walked on the moon NOT did the moonwalk...

such an old lady...sigh...

The Egel Nest said...

25...I hardly remember that

Born during Reagen??

I always am fascinated that anyone could be born AFTER 1980 :)

Great list...and Happy Birthday!

You old bag! lol

The Egel Nest

Law Student Hot Mama said...

You mean my guess was wrong? Heh - I'm 26.

Elaine A. said...

That... cake...

Oh! Sorry, I was distracted!! Happy Birthday! Even though we've never met face to face I feel like you are one of my newest friends!

I am OLD compared to you, but that's okay, you can use some of my sage advice, right? ; ) No promises that I actually have any of that, but it sounded good!

I hope you have a fabulous day and eat some cake for me!!


Kim said...

Happy birthday! Hope it was grand!

kim said...

I hope you have a very happy birthday.... Saturday, right?

Kathryn said...

I wasn't that far off.
Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy your gorgeous cake!

tricki_nicki said...

You're just a baby! With two babies! I hadn't even had my first yet when I was your age...but I shoved 'em in there quick!

Anonymous said...

Pretty cake! :) happy birthday! Horray for 25!

Sarah said...

Aw, you're turning a quarter-century before me!:) Have you seen ace of cakes on the food channel? I want them to make me a cake!!!

Golightly said...

Okay so I stopped by to say Happy Birthday and started reading what happened the year you were born when I got distracted and never left my comment!!

I was happily surprised to realize it's a very special year in which you were born, so I have to send you a very special birthday wish!

Fire Hunt said...

I like the cake. Who did it? I was right, I am one year older then you.

Christina said...

Woohoo, I love this! Cuz it's MY year too!

Happy Bday, girlie!

Kellan said...

I was right - I am never right about age!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRITTANY!! I hope it was wonderful! I love ya girl!!

Have a good Friday - see you soon. Kellan

Arizaphale said...

What a great list and a wonderful cake. Happy Birthday sweet Brittany. So let me see, when you were born I was 22 eeeeek! Twelve years off having a baby, ten years off marriage (the first one), not even in teacher's college! I was working in a theatre restaurant, living in Geelong, playing a lot of cards (500), had my second reeeeally serious boyfriend, whom I later was engaged to but never married...drinking a lot of beer and babysitting someone's 10 month old baby. (could have been YOU!!!!)
It was a pretty good time!
Have a wonderful day. Lots of love
xxxxxx (quarter of a century)

Cheeky said...

Oh man - the fact that you were just being born and I remember those things.....yikes.....I am getting ooooollllldddddd......

Stacy said...

Happy Birthday, Brittany!! I hope it was a wonderful day. :)

melody is slurping life said...

Hope your birthday is spectacular, just like you beautiful lady.

And I will NEVER post what happened in the year I was born...gee, talk about an ancient history lesson.