Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Catching Up: Meme and Update!

The past two weeks have just been insanity. With Easter and having so much going on, I feel like I've been seriously neglecting my bloggy friends. I'm sorry if I've not commented much and/or have let you down when you've stopped by to visit.

School is really rough right now! I have two pretty intense classes (both online) and I start a new one on Monday (in class). So, I will be taking three at a time for about 4 weeks. UGH.

I'm also planning Amy's bridal shower, and working on that in all of my spare time. Not that I mind, because I am having fun, and because I love my bestest friend. :) Besides, her shower is going to be amazing and it's going to be what she deserves!

Next... holidays! ah! Are there really ten-million holidays per year? Sure does seem like it.

Easter was amazing. It is my favorite holiday, honestly. I love showing praise to God, and this is the holiday that we should do it the most.

Here are some photos from our Easter (These are all unedited, because I just don't have the time! ah!):

My boys in their Easter outfits

Yay for the self-timer! We all look a little sleepy. haha.

Adam digging into his basket. I love the look on his face!

Matthew playing with his new toys. He looks like he isn't quite sure of me. Maybe it's because I follow him around with a camera 24/7?

Adam and his cousin, Josiah. Remember, he is just three week younger than Matt. Look how big this guy is! My poor tiny son.

Andy and Kayleigh. Isn't this just beautiful? I can't wait to play with this photo a little. This was a big day for uncle Andy, because Kayleigh doesn't normally let him this close to her!

Adam hunting for eggs at Nonnie and Pa's. Matt slept through this. :(

Josiah "hunting" for eggs

Thanks for sticking with me, my friends! Hopefully I will be able to make my bloggy rounds soon!

A Meme:

Dawn posted on her blog a meme about her kids' names and I just thought this would be so much fun! So I am playing too!

Adam Frederick: Andy and I decided, about a year into marriage, what names we wanted for our kids. So, Adam's name was picked out for three years before we needed to use it. Andy actually chose the name Adam; we both made a list of names we liked and then we narrowed the list down. Andy had "Adam" on his list and it was one that I liked as well. We chose Adam because of its meaning and strength. Adam means "first man." God's first chosen man. What a privilege for the original Adam, and what a strong Biblical man. And, as we already all know, I was kinda fond of the name Adam Frederick, from the beginning. :)

Frederick is a family name, on Andy's side. Andy actually traced it back 11 generations. The first born son, in Andy's family, is to have this middle name. It's very special and we wouldn't have it any other way. So, Adam is #11 ! :)

Adam's nicknames: Bubba (Andy is "Bubba" to his family, so we just passed that on too)

Matthew Alan: Matthew's name came about in a similar fashion, as Adam's name. After Adam was born we sat down and discussed more boy names. We loved the name Matthew from the start. It means "gift of God." We truly believe that Matthew is a gift. I knew he was a Matthew, the moment I saw him, too, and that sealed the deal. :)

Matthew's middle name is my daddy's middle name! My daddy didn't have any little boys, to pass on the last name, so I thought I would do what I could to pass on a piece of my daddy.

Matthew's Nicknames: Matt, The Littlest Bubba, Little Bear and Adam calls him Little Buddy


And my two favorite photos from the past two weeks:

Adam's new hair. Such a little man.

My big boys, drinking sippies (oh yes, Matthew loves his big boy sippy! Who needs a bottle?), on a Sunday morning...


Kathryn said...

Wow. That is a busy week. I hope you get some time to relax somewhere in there.
Great photos! I love them!

My Goodness said...

So glad you had a great Easter!
Best wishes for that schooling, hang in there!!

Your family is precious!

Maya said...

You all look so good in your Easter best!

Arizaphale said...

Well it was a post worth waiting for. You are such a super commenter and bloggy friend and it is always a joy to pop over and watch you boogie-ing in the car or whatever...:-D
We are all living busy lives and those lives actually demand our presence so don't feel bad. We will all be here checking on you from time to time to make sure you're OK
Love Ya!!!!!! And what a handsome family...not sleepy at all!!

Law Student Hot Mama said...

I'm so impressed he uses a sippy cup . . . my kid is just not there yet but when he is, he'll use his POOH cups!

Elaine A. said...

Oh, I love the matching shirts! I am doing that with my boys too!

Looks like the boys and cousins had fun on Easter and I LOVE that picture of them in the bed together - so precious!!

One Scrappy Chicklet said...

You are a very busy lady. I love when you post pics of your cuties. And your Family Easter Shot is wonderful.

Have a great day

Mandaroo said...

Great photos. Looks like you all had a nice Easter!

4 Little Men said...

Love the family picture. :) The boys are adorable as usual. Glad you had a wonderful Easter.

Maggie said...

SO CUTE! I love their Easter polos - how handsome are they?! And the family shot turned out really well too!

Good luck with your new class. I am, as we speak, putting off doing some serious studying....

Cara said...

All your pictures are so cute, my fav is the boys in the bed with the cups.
Love the stories behind their names.
Good luck with school!

jennwa said...

Great Easter pictures.

You sound like a great friend. You also sond busy, do not run yourself crazy.

Fire Hunt said...

I like the in bed photo. I am glad tha you had a good Easter to.

Anonymous said...

I'm trying to leave a post and it won't work! I love you and thanks for planning the shower- its going to be AMAZING I can't wait!!!


Anonymous said...

and how lucky am I to have the most adorable ring bearer on the face of the planet?!?

kim said...

So sweet... the boys (and you and hubby, too) look great in their Sunday best.
Wow... Adam looks so big with his new haircut.... what a cutie.

This Southern Belle said...

Glad you had a great Easter and best of luck with your classes--that's awesome!

Stacy said...

The boys are adorable in their Easter finery, and great family picture! That's when you need to get them...when everyone looks nice. :)

Christina said...

Dang but your boys are cute!! Well, actually your entire family is adorable, you included. Sounds like very busy times for you.
LOVE the pic of the two boys in the bed!

Golightly said...

Okay every once in a while Harrison gets this look in his face that reminds me of the pictures of Adam. Today in the picture of all of you (which fantastic - you all are so cute!) Adam reminds me of Harrison. Then I was going to say I love his hair in that shot, but that new hair cut is dang cute! And those matching shirts - I'm a puddle on the floor!

My favorite is the one in the bed. How can you not just scoop them up and love them??? :)

Bradley's Mom said...

Just love your pics. You have such a beautiful family!!