Thursday, August 26, 2010

Just Some Photos :)

It's feeling like fall around here.... I kinda want summer to stick around. I am not a fan of cold weather...or the dreaded "S" word... snnoo..... I can't even say it. And I won't. Maybe it will miss us this year? Maybe? :)

We are gearing up for Adam to return to school next week! A new school! :) We can't wait, and we feel very blessed that we were able to find him such a wonderful school. 

Want to see some pictures, like I promised? Of course you do! :)

Here are my babes (if you're my FB've seen just pretend you haven't!): 


Blueberry said...

i personally like fall the best of all the seasons, so i'm super excited that it will be september soon! and just know this, if you keep the snow from coming bean and sprout are going to be SO upset with you!! ;)

Maggie said...

I'm so excited that fall is has been MISERABLY hot here this summer and I am really looking forward to cooler temperatures!

Kat said...

I know. I'm sad about summer coming to an end too. I love summer. And I love fall too, but this summer has just been the BEST. :)

Great pics!