Friday, July 9, 2010

Matty is THREE!

My Dearest Matthew- 

Oh, Matty, my dearest little man. What a year it has been. I can't express enough how blessed and honored I am to be your mommy. God gifted mommy with you, three years ago, today, and little did I know the impact you would make on my life...all of our lives. The love, the laughter, the's all worth it. 

Day after day, you awaken with a smile. A smile that could melt the coldest of hearts, and shine bright enough to fill the darkest of rooms. A smile that sometimes is a little bit naughty and makes mommy wonder what it is you've done! :) A smile that I can't imagine my life without. 

Your health has been up and down, this year. You were in the hospital, last Fall, and we are still trying to get you as healthy as you can be. You're tiny. Sometimes you have a hard time breathing. And sometimes you scare mommy, when you say your "'bellwee' hurts" (aka- his chest is hurting). I am so thankful for the medicines invented, to keep you healthy, and to help you breath. I pray that you continue to grow strong, and that someday you will be able to breath without having daily treatments and medicine. 

Matthew, you are amazing. I love how you love to play on the computer and watch dinosaur videos, on YouTube. I love how you could build "Firecar" (Hot Wheels) tracks ALL day long. I love how you try to act like your brother, but add your own twist to things. I love how to hug me and tell me you love me, out of nowhere. I love how, at bedtime, you say "big hug! little hug! big kiss! little kiss!" before we are allowed to leave the room. I love how you tell me I am pretty, when I put on my makeup. 

Matty, there are so many reasons to love you. You are an amazing little boy. May God BLESS you this coming year, and help you grow stronger and stronger. 

WE LOVE YOU, Matty! :) 

Matty's first ever breathing treatment! Who knew we'd be doing these everyday?!

I was in love, the moment I saw him!


Kelli said...

What a sweet letter!

Christina said...

what an awesome kid...and an awesome mommy! Happy birthday, Matty! yay!