Tuesday, July 20, 2010

7 Month Chloe

So much has changed in the last month! So many milestones met! My girl is amazing. She is beautiful. She is sweet. I love her more than I could EVER imagine. I DO love having a girl. 

Here are some of the new things Chloe is doing:

* Eats real food! (She loves carrots and peas) She won't eat pured food (as I found AFTER I made a ton of "baby" food). She has to have food just slightly mashed. Let me tell you, this is a pain in the tooshy, but I do it for my princess anyway! :)

* She is crawling faster and faster (it's an odd little hopping crawl, but it's a crawl nonetheless)

* She pulls herself up

* She cruises two or three steps

* She says "boo!" 

* She puts things over her face, pulls them away fast, and waits for you to say "boo!" or react

* She says "MA!" but only when she's mad

* She loves her brothers SO much. They just have to look at her, and she smiles.

* She gets very excited to see her daddy, too! :) She is a daddy's girl. 

Chloe is a blessing and such an amazing addition to our family. God knew what He was doing when he gave her to us, after the two boys. We are smitten. :) 

I love you, Princess Girl, Sister Bear, Miss C :) Happy 7 Months! 


Elaine A. said...

Oh she's gorgeous Brittany! Happy 7 months to her. :)

Anonymous said...

I love that you use "sister bear" too, 'cause, we use that for Carli, Lucy and Clay both call her that, and I'm SO excited that you have a little lady for me to be to be an Auntie to, she IS just beautiful and wonderful. I pretty much just LOVE that we have babies together at the same time! It makes being your sister all the more rewarding and enjoyable. You're an awesome momma, I love you! xoxo ~M

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Stacy said...

She is just completely adorable! Girls are pretty fun. :) It's nice having at least one of each. They all have their own fun things that they like to do and entertain you with.

Mommy said...

I prayed and prayed and was determined that you would have a girl! God is so awesome and answered that prayer!!!! She is so "another you"!!!!!

kim said...

What a pretty family you have! I saw your comment on my blog about the spider picture you stumbled across. I'm so sorry! But I have to say it made me laugh. Kim

Maggie said...

I can't believe how big she is already! Where does the time go?!

Kat said...

She is just beautiful!!!! Gorgeous.
Yep. God knows best. :)

Tonya said...

What a sweet post! She cute.