Friday, January 1, 2010

2009- A Year of Ups and Downs

2009 has been a crazy year, for our family. We've had so much happen. So much to encourage us. So much happiness. Sorrows. Scary times. Times when we've had to lean on God, each other, and friends/family. Here's a review of our year:

1) The year started out with Ashley leaving for college. It was exciting for her, for our family. It was also sad- because I was losing my "baby" sister, but gaining an "adult" sister!

2) February and March were quiet. Andy and I were able to get away, on a romantic V-day weekend, I turned 26, and life was chugging along.

3) I spent the winter/spring going along in school. Taking full-semesters and working my tail off!

4) In April we decided to send the kids away on a long weekend, with Nonnie and Pa., so that we could start step-one of getting the house ready to sell: clean the garage. Little did we know, we'd also end up creating a little something else.....

5) May 11th, we found out we were pregnant with Miss Chloe! (hence the little creation from the garage cleaning....oops?!)

6) In May, Ashley moved in with us, for her summer break. I spent the summer puking my guts out, and having the worst morning sickness EVER.

7) At the end of June, Emily (another sister!) and I headed the Phill, PA. for my very first missions trip- to Urban Hope. This was a life changing experience for me... something I cannot wait to do again... something I cannot wait to involve my kids in.... and something that created a passion for missions, in my heart.

8) In July, Matty turned 2!

9) July 12th, we lost Grammie. I miss her dearly. I wish she could have met her first great-granddaughter; she would be so in love!

10) August and September were quiet. I was grumpy. Sick. Pregnant. But then we found out we were having a girl! A GIRL! We were of course thrilled, and started picking out all of our pink for the nursery!

**Adam started pre-school!**

11) We started working hardcore on the house renovations. We really wanted to have the house ready to sell by October. That didn't happen.

12) In October Matthew spent a weekend in the ICU, and we almost lost him. Asthma has now become a large part of our lives, and we are still learning how to deal with his illness. Thankfully, with the help of excellent doctors, we know his triggers and are treating him. He was recently deemed at "under control." God is GOOD.

13) In November Adam had swine flu and turned 4. Adam healed quickly, and no one else got sick. GOD is GOOD!

14) November 20th, Andy's sister had our nephew, Benjamin. He's so handsome! God is GOOD!

15) I spent 6 weeks, from November, to December 20th VERY ill. I had severe vomiting and other odd symptoms. Pregnancy was not my friend. I spent weeks getting tests, being on bed rest and being miserable.

16) December 20th, Chloe Danielle was born! She is beautiful, and the greatest gift! GOD is SO good!


and now, it's 2010. Twenty-Ten. Two thousand and ten. CRAZY. What does this year hold? What will be the ups? What will be the downs?

Here's what I pray will happen:

1) We will sell our home, and find a new one!
2) I will graduate. YES- this is THE YEAR! Thank the Lord!
3) Andy will continue to excel at work, and continue to pursue his masters degree.
4) The kids will stay healthy!
5) We will find balance with three children.
6) We will follow God's Will and pursue His plans for us.
7) 2010 will be an amazing year of Family and Friendships!!! :)
8) That we will always remember that GOD IS GOOD! :)

3 comments: said...

We are so proud of you and the spiritual muscles you & Andy have exercised and grown this year! We
pray for God's blessing and guidance
in all our lives as we are a family together under our LORD's headship.

Christina said...

2009 was a VERY crazy and full year for so many of us, wasn't it?! What a lot of twists and turns in your path...and such a wonderful blessing with Miss Chloe!(p.s. She's gonna love her conception story. :)

Arizaphale said...

So weird to see it all summed up like this and to go...oh yes, I remember that....! Funny about the garage clean up too. heheheheh!
I pray that ALL your dreams for 2010 are fulfilled and that God continues to work his purpose out through all of us. Love and best wishes mate!