Monday, July 6, 2009

Seven Things About Moi

As stolen from my friend Jaimie!

Seven things to do before I die:

1. Visit more of the United States
2. Have something published- even if it's just an article :)
3. Work more in the inner city
4. Take a cooking class or two...or three...
5. Watch and enjoy my kids grow
6. Travel with Andy (just us....maybe something exotic)
7. hmm.... not sure I have a #7!

Seven things I can not do:

1. Sit still
2. Rollerblade/ice skate
3. Go one day without listening to music
4. Drive a 5-speed- I've tried MANY times!
5. Watch "A Baby Story" without crying
6. Stay off of facebook for longer than 24 hours. So addicting.
7. play poker

Seven things that attracted me to my husband:

1. His hair
2. His strong arms
3. His addicting smile
4. His gentleness
5. The way he protected me, from the very beginning
6. His large heart
7. His smooth worked, what can I say?

Seven things I say most often:

1. "Oh my word!"
2. "I know right?!"
3. "Adam/Matthew stop (put mean act here) to your brother!"
3. "You know"
4. "Son of a biscuit"
5. "I love you Andy/Adam/Matt"
6. "So....." (this one annoys andy... soo....too bad)
7. "ugh. I feel like crap" (this one is just recently. I hope to no longer say this soon!)

Seven books I enjoy reading:

1. The Bible
2. Twilight Books
3. The Shack
4. Mystery books- of any kind
5. The rest
6. of the books I read
7. are school related or children's books! boo.

Seven movies I love:

1. Dirty Dancing
2. Twilight
3. The Phantom of the Opera
4. Scary movies- old 80's ones are the best!
5. The various Pirates of the Caribbean movies
6. The Lion King
7. Beauty and the Beast

Seven favorite foods:

1. Chinese food
2. salsa and chips
3. popcorn
4. Lemons
5. Sushi
6. Candy- sour and hard candy
7. Good subs- hot or cold...yum!


Arizaphale said...

I have a Things ToDo Before I Die list but it's only got one thing on it...I want to see the Aurora Borealis. I also find it hard to sit still, except when I'm blogging!!!!

Trannyhead said...

Oooh - gotta love the bucket list! I need to create my own.

PS - I also love eating lemons.

Stacy said...

Always fun to learn a few new things about you! I love eating lemons, too. Sourpusses we are, huh?? ;)

Kat said...

I've been absent from visiting my bloggy friends for a while and just now catching up. Looks like you've been keeping active with the mission trip and all.
Hope you are starting to feel a little better now. I know you said you said you feel like crap alot. Poor thing. I hope it gets better soon.
Do you know the baby's gender yet? I'm so impatient. I hope you'll share it with us if you find out.

Anyway, hope all is well with you. Love your 7 things! :)

Maggie said...

What a great list!