Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Very Happy Mother's Day!

Today was Mother's Day, as you all know. And what a wonderful Mother's Day, it was! :) I was so blessed to have all of my boys, by my side. They showered me with love, praise, and a new JUICER (I know, I am a nerd). :)

We had my step-mom over for brunch (my daddy had to work), and we enjoyed the afternoon with her! It was a fantastic time! :)

Here are a couple of photos, from the afternoon:

Two of my three favorite boys! :) (Matty was taking a nap)

Here's Gramma and her boys! :)

If you're a mommy, I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!


Christina said...

Yay for a great day! Tay for cute boys! Yay for juicers! Yay for you! :o)

Elaine A. said...

Glad you had a good day! So, what's in the juicer - oranges, strawberries? Yum! Happy Mother's Day! : )

marilynm45 said...

sucked for me....happy your was good!

Trannyhead said...

I spent mine at the pediatrician's!!!

Glad yours was good. :-D

Golightly said...

You got a juicer and I got a wireless bluetooth earpiece for my cellphone and a external hard drive for my computer to back up those irreplaceable images! Which one of us is the bigger nerd!?

Glad you had an awesome day!

Stacy said...

Well, a juicer is better than what I got...well, almost. I got some handmade goodies from daycare. A treat from their Daddy would have been nice, though! ;)

Looks like you had a wonderful day, and love the almost-everyone-family-shot. YOu are such a cute family! :)

Maggie said...

Great shots -- you have such a good looking family!