Sunday, May 3, 2009

Updates from a Slacking Blogger

Here's what we've been up to...and then some photos, of course:

1) We went up to Cleveland (with Andy, while he worked) and then we got to play at the Cleveland Zoo. IT was a blast! You will see from the photos, just how fun it was.

2) My children are growing like weeds. I feel like I blink and they change. I don't get it.

3) Adam won a coloring contest! He won a $25 GC to Toys R Us. We are going to spend it sometime today.

4) We bought Matty a train table.... for his 2nd Birthday.... that is only 2 months away. Sigh. (The child is obsessed with Thomas. Anyone wanna donate Thomas trains, books, clothing items? This crap is expensive!)

5) Andy is working his butt off at work. PLUS working on his masters still. He amazes me. I don't tell him thank you enough. He is also turning one year OLDER this coming weekend.... ;)

6) Ashley comes home this week. She is living with us! :) I can't tell you how excited I am to have her home. I miss my sister!

7) I ran this morning. I actually made it 20 minutes, before I felt like dying. I am proud of myself.

8) Spring is making me so happy.... well... kinda.... I wish it would stop raining so much!

9) Mother's Day is this coming weekend. I've asked for a juicer. Seriously...when did I get so old, that I am asking for kitchen appliances?

10) Here are the pictures I know you all want to see:

(Look! I got to go out with some girls! JUST girls!! See that girlie in the bright pink shirt? That's Jaimie! She has a blog, and needs some bloggy friends! Check her out!)

The zoo! :) Look, they have zebras at this zoo! I wish Columbus had their zebras back. soon! soon!


Blueberry said...

thanks for posting. bean keeps asking to look at pictures of matthew and adam and i didn't have any new ones to show her. ;)

Jaimie Kylene said...

You are seriously the best!!! I had an awesome time and love that our kids are so close in age! Connor LOVES Thomas, too! They would have a lot of fun together!

Hope we can get together again soon.

jessicamarie12 said...

I want a juicer too! I used to have one, but sold it... stupid :( I DID buy a $20 citrus juicer at Target the other day -- super good for oranges, lemons, and the like. Yum :)


Elaine A. said...

Where did Matty get all that curly hair? Seriously, I don't remember that!

The zoo looks like fun!

Glad to hear from you... : )

Maggie said...

Adam looks like such a little man -- he is too cute!

You have been busy, busy busy - my goodness!

Christina said...

Matty's hair - it's all curly now!! I'm partial to curly hair. :o)

So happy your sister will be home with you! Awesome that Adam won the contest, too. Oh yeah, and I wouldn't say no to a juicer either. ;o)

Kat said...

Busy, busy, busy, Girl! You need a break, I think.
At least you got to go out with the ladies. Woohoo!
I love the zoo. I think I need to schedule a trip now. :)

Rebekah said...

we have zebras at our zoo, and your membership gets you in for half off. hmmm. . .

Trannyhead said...

If you figure out why that Thomas stuff is so expensive, please let me know. It's so obscene. I'd love to give my kid a Thomas table for his 2nd birthday, but I'm afraid if I buy him one he'll lose interest in it. I know that sounds weird, but he loves the one at Barnes & Noble but the magic might just be gone if he has it in his own house. Plus it costs eleventy gabillion dollars!

Arizaphale said...

Wow. Lovely collection. Great to see where you've been keeping busy. Wish I could oblige with Thomas stuff but I gave it all away years ago, just before she became obsessed with Bratz dolls!! >:-( Now THAT stuff is expensive!!!!Enjoy your time with Ashleigh

Golightly said...

You haven't slacked as much as I have! And you have been REALLY busy! Fun!