Monday, December 22, 2008

It's Beginning to....

Look a lot like Christmas!

What have we been doing, since last Wednesday, you ask? Well take a look (all photos are SOOC... Give me a break; it's been a long past few days!):

1) We made cookies with some of our favorite people!

2) We saw Santa... pictures with the Man himself...for sad reasons. Poor Santa.

3) We had Christmas with Bop, Gramma, Aunt Michelle (and her whole crew)

This is the apron we made for Bop. I think he liked it! :)

(this is my 10 year old nephew and I... He is taller... bigger...than I am... at least I have one more guy to take care of me! :))

4) Look! Bop got Adam an apron for Christmas! Now "Chef Adam" is official, when making PB & J sandwiches!

5) We spent Sunday at the local Conservatory. It was beautiful!

6) I got THIS in the mail, and will be posting about that, ASAP! :) Thanks, Julie!


Sara said...

How adorable.

I love the pic of you and the boys infront of the red flower tree.

I have to know, sad reasons? Do the boys not like Santa or did something happen to Santa? You said poor Santa.

Maggie said...

Busy busy busy! Love all the photos though...and what a great chef hat and apron on Adam!

Trannyhead said...

I love the blog look.

Oh - and I'm loving Adam's chef hat. I'm jealous!

Amy M. said...

What happened to Santa?!

Arizaphale said...

Yea, I was wondering too!!!
Lovely photos. Gives us a real feeling for your holiday celebrations. LOVE the poinsettia Christmas tree. Stunning.

Elaine A. said...

I'm excited to see what you got in the swap!

Love that "tree" of poinsettias and the pic of you and the boys.

Merry Christmas Brittany!

Lynne said...

Thanks for posting! I was beginning to wonder if you got lost somewhere in your holiday happenings lol

Kellan said...

Fun times!!!

Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family!!!

See you soon - Kellan

Don Mills Diva said...

Hope you and your boys have a wonderful Christmas Brittany!

Christina said...

fun time galore!! I too am curious about "poor santa" tho. LOVE the pic of Chef Adam!!

Christina said...

oh, and if I don't talk to you again before then - Merry Christmas!!