Monday, June 9, 2008

Car Rides are the Best (shots) Rides

(If you are here to see my best shot, scroll down... it's down there, I promise... or just read about our vacation; you're welcome to read or just look at the photo! :) )

It's Monday. I can't believe it's Monday! Good things always have to come to an end. And we had a VERY good vacation. The wedding was beautiful! We were able to have it outside (even though it was supposed to rain!), the reception was a blast, and it was just all around perfect!

We were able to vacation, afterwards. We stayed in Charleston for a couple of days and then we headed to Columbia, to stay with distant relatives of Andy's (and I mean distant! I can't even remember how he is related...haha).

Here's a bulleted list of the highlights:

1) *I* got carsick or just sick on the way down. Who knows. I was sick pretty much the whole 12-hours. Thankfully, I felt much better the next day!

2) We took two night walks, on the beach. We saw crabs and all sorts of beach animals.

3) We ate A LOT of good southern food. We even ate alligator (which is quite yummy, might I add?!)

4) Adam is now addicted to sweet tea. ha ha.

5) We had TWO run-ins with the law. OH yes. TWO! Both due to Andy's pimp-mobile. (I will post about those later)

6) Adam swam in the ocean at the age of TWO. I was 23 before I saw the ocean.

7) We went to Savannah for the day, and ate at Savannah's #1 hamburger restaurant. It was pretty yummy. They even had a "hamburger" salad for me! ha ha.

8) We ate a lot of ice cream.

9) We danced our hearts out at the wedding. I am sure there are blackmail photos of me out there, somewhere.

10) Blueberry Mojitos = yum = Brittany willing to dance at wedding.

11) Adam is in love with the flower girl. They were joined at the hip for three days. I think he thought they were getting married, since they walked down the aisle together. ha ha. AND they only live about 10 minutes from us, so we have a new play friend!

12) We went boating! ( I have a video of this, and will post it later)

13) Lots of shopping! I had a blast at all of the new grocery stores and retail stores.

14) Matt likes to walk. Matt likes to talk. He has grown SO much in the last week, it's crazy!!!

I'm sure there's more... I just can't think of it all! We had a wonderful time! I will post more photos as the week goes on. There are over 500... seriously. ha ha.

Here are a few (The first shot is my BEST shot!)

Car rides= fun times or sleepy time?!

ALSO- Happy 11 Months, today, to my little man Matt!!! ONLY one more month until he is one. I LOVE YOU SO much little MATTHEW! :)

To see more best shots, be sure to visit Tracey!


Sassy said...

Very sweet Brittany. We were out of town for 8 days and I am too tired to post pics. The girls and I leave AGAIN on Thursday for a week in LA.
Miss reading up on you and the boys. Trying to catch up. Hope all is great !!!

Blueberry said...

ahhhh. glad you had a great time. :) bean misses you guys!! let's get together soon!!!

Tranny Head said...

Man! What's up with you and the car trips and the barfing? You sure you're not preggo?

Oh - and I'm going to Charleston this weekend - and I'm STOKED.

krissy said...

I missed you more. I love those darn cheeks of those boys, especially sleeping in the car seat and talk to hubby about moving here and I will have him a job in a heart beat.

No state taxes baby!!! I would die if you actually moved my way.

krissy said...


I would babysit too.

Elaine A. said...

Glad you had a good time (minus the sickness of course!). Matt does look bigger to me! Love the french fry picture!

Sara said...

looks (or sounds) like a wonderful trip!

Stacy said...

Sounds like you had a very wonderful time...fantastic! Sorry to hear about the lawman coming down on you. Flashy cars do tend to attract them like mosquitos. ;)

Very cute pictures, too. :)

Never That Easy said...

Sounds like you had a ball. I've never had sweet tea, but I'm so curious about it (sweet? Check. Tea? Double Check. It sounds like my kind of thing.) And weddings are made for that kind of fun, I'm glad you enjoyed it. It's a great shot!

Kathryn said...

What a fabulous trip! MY WORD, your boys are gorgeous!!!

Fire Hunt said...

I can't belive you had fun!! hahaha. Can't wait to see the pics. I am so glad everything went so well. Send some pics my(travis) way of the wedding. I would love to see them.

kim said...

cute - as usual! Love the pic of Matt in the swing. I can hardly believe he'll be a year so soon.

So glad you had a nice vacation.

Sue said...

M.O.B. here. Are you going to make a CD of all the pics?

Miss you and your family.


Maggie said...

Great shots! It sounds like a great time -- and blueberry mojitos?! YUM!

Jen said...

Oh, how cute!

I haven't been around in awhile, but I love your new layout!

Christina said...

Yay for a great trip! You're back just in time for us to leave in the morning. :o) It sounds terrific and I look forward to seeing more photos. Alligator is yummy (and I don't like "weird" foods). Sounds like Bean is going to have to fight for her man!!

Kellan said...

Welcome back, Brittany - you were missed - glad you had such a good vacation!

See you later - Kellan

Golightly said...

yeah! I'm glad you had such a good trip, it sounds like such a blast! Wish I could get down south! I would love to see Savannah (sp?)

The boys do look like they have grown. wow.

Maya said...

You guys always do get sick on trips! Goodness!

Anna said...

Sounds like a grand adventure. Keep those photos coming. And think you could post a recipe for blueberry mojitos for us? Sounds delish!

Our Family said...

Sounds like a very tiring, but GREAT trip!!! Aren't they all?? lol Glad your back...I've checked your page a million times in the past week...waiting for you to return :(

Have a Great week!! Love the pics of the boy's...Matthew is getting soo big, I can't believe he'll already be flies!!

Cheeky said...

I sooooo miss Charleston

Arizaphale said...

I can't believe you ate the alligator. You are sooo much braver than me!!!
Walking and talking Matthew?? How exciting!!! He is such a cutie.