Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Dear Adam-

My dear and sweet Adam, I am writing you this letter, to reflect on your wonderful and amazing life (thus far) and to wish you the best in your future adventures and endeavors. You never cease to amaze me, son. Five years and 9 months ago, when you entered this world, you were the most inquisitive and wide eyed newborn, I've ever met. You were a learner, from the very beginning. You wanted to see everything, know everything, and soak it all in. You impress me... every single day. 

As you've grown, over the years, I've been blessed by your caring heart and endless sweetness. You're loving. You're kind. You have a heart for Jesus. You have the desire to do the right thing. You are my sweetie... my little sunshine. 

Adam, you are a learner. You LOVE to know more. You ask intelligent questions and you want to know the answers-- no matter what. In fact, we were told that your teachers, in pre-school, that you were the "class brain," the one with all of the answers and the one who wanted to know MORE. From one learner to another, son-- I am proud of you. I pray that you want to learn, forever... never stop learning! 

As you enter Kindergarten, Adam, I pray that you continue on your path of kindness, love, and learning. I pray that you touch the hearts of everyone you encounter and strive to do your very best, in everything you do! 

Grow. Love. Learn. 

I will forever be your cheerleader. I am so very proud of you. 

Have a wonderful year, Adam!



Kat said...

Oh how exciting!!!!!! And look how handsome he is. He looks so proud. So sweet. :) I hope he has a wonderful year!

Arizaphale said...

A lovely picture. Just like his old man eh? and clever like Mommee too! Welcome to the world of school Adam.