Saturday, April 2, 2011

A Night Out with My Boys!

After everything we've been through this last month, we have had NO family time... what-so-ever. And honestly, it's been very apparent that we haven't. We tried having a family night, this past week, and it was a complete disaster. Everything went wrong. There was fighting, crying, and the entire night was ruined. So, the next day, when I saw a local radio station was having a contest to go see the Imagination Movers live, I had to at least TRY to win the tickets. So, I entered the contest. I wrote to them and told them about all of the trials, the lack of family time, and how we had a disastrous night, the night before. Apparently... it worked! And WE WON! :)

We didn't tell the kids where we were going... they made their guesses. Matthew guessed we were going "to see Jesus," and Adam guessed we were "going to see a really good movie." My sweet boys.

When we arrived at the theater, Adam read the sign, as we drove by. I looked in the backseat, to see the largest smile on his face, as he said "The Imagination Movers?! Like what we watched on TV?"

From that moment on, they were on hyper speed. I can't even describe their excitement!

And we had an amazing evening. We sang, we danced, we jumped, we rocked... it was awesome. It was JUST what we needed. We needed time as a family. We are SO blessed.


Kat said...

That is SO COOL!!!!! How exciting! The fact that you won makes it even more exciting. And clearly you all had a great time! YAY!!!! :)

Arizaphale said...

Amazing you won this!! What a blessing :-) These precious moments can feel so fleeting but they are all added to the 'solid, functional family' bank which will pay dividends in years to come.