Thursday, November 5, 2009

Pigs and Flu

** I don't usually talk about high tension things, on my blog, but this time I feel like I need to! These are my opinions and things I've found out through our experience. JUST a disclaimer! :)**

Shall we oink for you? That's right, the flu hit our house, this week! Well, kinda...

I know. I know. I should be freaking out: I am pregnant.... I didn't get the vaccine.... Matty has asthma.... he didn't get the vaccine. So we are all going to turn into pigs, right? Because that's what Adam thought, when he heard he had the "swine" flu. Seriously. My four year old thought he would turn into a pig. SIGH. (ok, so the test came back "negative" but we were treated like it was the flu, to below)

So, I've decided, through this experience, that I hate the media. Yea- ironic: considering my degree is in the field, of sorts. But really, I think the way this whole flu "pandemic" is being handled really crappily (is that a word?) by the media. Our pediatrician even confirmed this for me.

Here are the "FACTS" that we found out:

1) All of the cases that have entered our pediatrician's office, have been treated within the first 48-hours, and all of the children have been FINE! *If you show ANY signs of sickness, GO to the doctor RIGHT away! That is key!!! A lot of the people who have ended up in the hospital, were never seen by a doctor previously or treated.)

2) Just because ONE person in your house has it, doesn't mean EVERYONE is going to get it.

3) WASH your hands.

4) Do NOT touch your face. (that's the best way to get germies into your body)

5) The rapid test given, to see if you have the flu, is only 80% accurate. So, it might say you don't have it and you do... SO get treated ANYWAY! Adam's test came back NEGATIVE, yet we were treated for the flu anyway- as a precaution.

6) Tamiflu CAN be used as a prevention- though it only lasts so long and is NOT prolonged like a vaccine. (Matthew and I are on tamiflu, and I think that's the only reason we are still well!)

7) Healthy people..... if you get the flu..... it will be YUCKY and you will feel like POOP, but you will BE FINE. Do what your doctor says and the chances of anything "bad" happening are slim to NONE.

8) People die from seasonal flu, too... you know that, right?

9) Freaking out and being paranoid isn't going to do anything.... just take care of yourself and your family, the best you know how.

10) Exercise, drink water, take vitamins, eat well.... do everyday preventatives to keep yourself healthy! Shouldn't we all be doing these things, anyway?!:)

So to end this rant... Adam is fine! He had a fever for only a couple of days (and was REALLY quite miserable during that time), he vomited for about 36 hours, he had a small cough/runny nose, had a sore throat, a headache, and moaned and groaned for 2 days....But now... no fever... a little pale.... and is fighting with his brother (always a GOOD sign!). AND no one else in the house has gotten sick. And we were told that if the Tamiflu wasn't going to work, we'd know within 48 hours. (Hoping that's true, still!)

Ok- end rant. :)

Hope you're all well!

And see- despite being sick- he still had a wonderful Birthday! :)  


Jaimie Kylene said...

Well said!! thank you :)

Golightly said...

Yeah this media frenzy is crazy. Harrison's doctor's office was a zoo the first day the regular swine flu vaccine was released - people were in a panic to get it. Only a few days before a local medical facility offered free swine flu vaccines and cars were lined up for two miles, waiting for up to six hours to get shots administered while they stayed in their car! Crazy.

We didn't get the vaccines either - for many reasons. (Probably not unlike your reasoning...)

Kellsey said...

I hate the media also. Kyler actually got swine flu with in three weeks of a KIDNEY transplant and was hospitalized but fine. Imagine that media! He was fine when he went to bed and I do vitals twice a day so morning ones he had a slight temp, took him right in and they fixed him right up. So I have always wondered esp with so many without healthcare if the people that were / are dying had seen a doc, do they eat healthy or have money to eat healthy ect, do they get out in the fresh air for a little walk now and then or are they sitting on the couch...bla bla bla. Just lke elderly that die in heat waves. They dont always have the means or money to get out and do something about the heat in there apartments and dont have people that check on them. anyway enough of that, Good luck.

Kelli said...

Well said...very well said. #8 stuck out to me the most.

Christina said...

THANK YOU for posting this! I totally agree with you, and am so sick of the hysteria over swine flu. It's the FLU! No it's not fun, but it's really no a big deal for the average person. *rant over*

Elaine A. said...

I'm so sorry he was sick but I TOTALLY agree with this post and am glad you said it.

They (the media) LOVE to blow this kinda stuff out of proportion and it drives me NUTS!!!

Again, thanks for posting!