Saturday, March 31, 2007


Books, books, and more books....My little man has always loved books, and we certainly own MANY! But recently he has re-discovered his love for the library.

Daddy took him to our local library (which we had yet to join, because we were still going to our old library in a different county), and Little Man got his FIRST library card. He is so proud of his library card, and loves giving his card to the librarian. He's already checked books out, on two occasions, and he's only had the card for five days. Mommy and daddy got new library cards, too. :)

Today we went and saw the puppies, at the pet store. Daddy is missing the puppies we had to give away, I think. I think he's hoping Mommy will fall in love with one and want to get another one. Little man seems to be afraid of the dogs, especially the ones that want to love on him. haha. I think we'll stick to visiting them at the pet store.

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